Why You Need To Add Prebiotics To Your Diet

Probiotics and prebiotics have been a hot topic in the medical community for a long time, and for all the right reasons. While probiotics are friendly bacteria that help break down food in the intestinal tract, they would not work without the help of prebiotics! Prebiotics can be considered simply as “food” that feeds these friendly bacilli. Hence, a diet that contains only of probiotics if of little help, until a healthy dose of prebiotics is added as well. One can easily buy prebiotics online or opt for a diet rich in them. 

Probiotics help to ferment and break down fibrous food, that our body is not equipped to digest naturally. Adding food rich in prebiotics will ensure these bacteria can do the job more effectively. The overall result is improved metabolism. But that isn’t the only health benefit they offer!


Improved Digestion

As stated, prebiotics helps the probiotic bacteria to improve and quicken digestion. A healthy balance also prevents the growth of bad bacteria and other infectious conditions. Several common disorders like gas, constipation, and bloating can be treated by maintaining a healthy ratio of these two components.


Improved Immunity

Not all bacteria are bad. Similar to our white blood cells, many bacteria also help to prevent the growth of infection. Around seventy percent of our immunity is a part of our intestinal tract. Hence, keeping the probiotic bacteria healthy can improve the overall immunity of a person.


Absorb Nutrients

Absorbing nutrients are primarily the job of probiotics. Hence, strengthening them automatically leads to better absorption. The increase in metabolism can also help with weight loss, which can in turn lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Prebiotic intake has been linked to a reduced or better management of stress.


Food like garlic, mushrooms, onions, and artichokes are rich in prebiotics. Citrus fruits and sweet potatoes are other examples of prebiotic-rich food. A healthy diet consisting of both could go a long way in enriching one’s life.

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