Why is French terry so popular in sportswear?

French terry fabric

Who doesn’t like to soft, comfy yet light and easy to carry casual clothes? The comfort and warmth of terry fabric is almost irresistible. Being used for making towels or bathrobes, Terry is a popular water-absorbent and light weighted clothing material. Though there are many types of terry fabric such as jacquard terry, double-sided terry, printed terry and terry cotton fabric, the one that has gained most popularity with sportswear clothing is the type French terry. Let us learn more about the fabric and understand why it is become so popular in the recent decades.

What is Terry?

Terry are a type of fabric that are made of large piles of uncut loops. The length of the looped piles is what makes the clothing fabric so water absorbent. So, in simple words, the longer the piles, the more it would absorb water. This is the reason why it is so ideal for making towels and bathrobes. These clothing items do not need to many stitches or cuts, thus making them the perfect candidate for using terry fabric.

What is French terry?

French terry fabric is a type of the above-mentioned terry fabric. Unlike terry fabric, it does not have looping and piling on both of its sides. It is smooth on one side and has the piled loops on the inner side. Try recalling the texture of a sweatshirt or hoodie. Do you remember how it’s smooth on the inside but a little fluffy and textured on the inside? That’s exactly French terry. 

Reasons behind French terry’s popularity in sportswear

Durable material

French terry is used in various types of sportswear from sweatshirts to hoods. All of us realise that sportswear tends to be treated quite roughly in comparison to other type of clothing. It has to strong enough to endure all the tugging, pulling and rubbing constantly while we workout, play or even go out on a jog. French terry can ensure its durability with its amazing tensile strength. It is even more stable to work with and can be worked upon using different types of stitches and sewing techniques without any damage to the fabric material.

Moisture absorbent

Sportswear can be subjected to heavy sweating and water splashes constantly. If the fabric material being used in the sportswear easily wear out due to theses conditions then it is not good enough for sportswear. French terry on the other hand is quite good at absorbing moisture. IT can absorb all the sweat and make the clothing more breathable so that the wearer does not feel uncomfortable or stuffed.


As mentioned earlier, French terry is quite easy to handle and can handle even rough treatment. You can tug it, twist it, wring it and it would still be as good as new. It is because of this feature of the fabric that many people even opt to use French terry fabric clothing in their casual clothing.

Thanks to its many advantages, French terry fabric is growing more and more popular amongst various sportswear brands and seems to have even brighter future ahead of it itself.

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