Why Cloud Technology For Channel Playout Is An Apt Solution For Broadcasters?

The broadcasting world is on an accelerated journey. We have already traveled from over-the-air broadcast channels to on-demand or OTT broadcasting services, thanks to rapid technological changes as well as changing viewership habits plus demands. This rapid pace of change is also responsible for the introduction of hitherto unknown terms such as ‘cloud playout systems for broadcasters‘.

Introduction to Cloud Channel Playout

Just like most methods and processes of broadcasting in the modern era, a cloud channel playout solution takes advantage of virtual environment for data storage, content processing, and the overall broadcast workflow rather than using on-premise traditional physical devices for the same purpose. The fact that it is gaining momentum among video on demand platform providers is interesting and points to its myriad benefits.

Benefits of Cloud Channel Playout


The cloud-based broadcast playout option provides unparalleled virtual scalability depending on the needs of the broadcaster. It also leads to better costing decisions with the pay-as-you-use flexibility that is a hallmark of many cloud channel payout providers.


Unlike physical or traditional playout infrastructure, the broadcaster has complete control over every aspect of the media asset management systems since it is all present virtually and is accessible from anywhere. A single dashboard works for processes like content asset creation, management, processing, and distribution. Moreover, if one wants to provide different content at different geographical locations or work on tweaking some parts here and there, even that is easy with cloud-based broadcast solutions. Overall, it makes launching channels and managing various content assets extremely easy for any broadcaster.


All broadcasters worry about calamities interrupting their linear channels, shows or live events telecast. These cloud broadcast services use high-grade (or even military-grade) encryption for keeping data safe. They also use top-notch disaster recovery plans to ensure rescue playout in case of emergencies and ensure content assets remain protected even under the most unexpected disasters.


The cloud payout services are a game-changer for more reasons than one. They make it easy for seasonal channels to operate as the costing is much more economical than what it would be under the traditional physical infrastructure option.

In today’s world with intense stratification of viewer habits, the broadcasters need a push when it comes to figuring out their varied demands and provide that on time. These cloud playout solutions help the broadcasters in tailoring and providing personalized content on-the-go to different locations or viewer categories.

Easy to configure and reconfigure without being a technical wizard, cloud-based playout solutions and broadcasting systems make it easy for broadcast expansion as well as storing and broadcasting thematic shows. Most importantly, due to their ease of use as well as flexibility in operation, it is easy for broadcasters to test the waters by launching a pop-up channel solely to understand the local viewership habits.

The Way Forward

The pressure of succeeding in a competitive 21st-century broadcasting industry is immense. The cloud playout systems for broadcasters bring huge solace with a modern mix of benefits.


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