Why Certification Is Important While Buying Gemstones Online

online stone shopping

Gemstones are an integral part of everyone’s lives. You will rarely find people without stones on their hands. Some people even wear almost one stone on each finger! A little weird-looking though, but then if your astrologer advises you then it is for your best only. Gemstones are available in different colours and draw their power from the planet which rules over them. When you wear the stones, the light gets reflected on the skin of your finger or for some stones it has to touch your skin. Earlier, people only relied on brick and mortar shops for purchasing the stones. But now you can go for online stone shopping.

Only visual element

Shopping online has its limitations because you are unable to touch the material and have a closer look at it. But in case of buying gemstones it makes more sense to go for reputed jewellers who offer certified stones. The certificate shows that the stone is original and thoroughly tested. It is essential to buy certified stones only because the market is flooded by fake stones. The certificate ensures that you are buying only the right stone. It also helps in the resale of the stone when you wish to sell it off. Wearing the stones will not serve their purpose if they are not original. In fact, you can come to harm if the stones are a fake. That said, certification is the only way which can help you properly buy gemstone and also resell it later on. Ensure that you purchase everything from certified stores only because they can offer you the certification of originality which can be acquired from government certified agencies. Remember, that the certificate offered by the seller is not the one you are looking for. You need the certification from proper organisations for it to be valid even later on.

Types of certifications

There are various kinds of gemstones certifications like brief reports, standard reports, and full reports. The brief report will contain information regarding the size, shape, colour and clarity of the stone. If the stone has received any kind of treatment then those will not be visible here. Another brief report is also available which comes with a photo. The standard report contains many of the details while the full report is the best because it comes with all the parameters that you need to check. The gemstone certifier is someone with an extensive knowledge about each and every kind of stone. He meticulously examines each and every piece of stone available and there are certain parameters for the features. The stone has to succeed in all quality parameters to get hold of the certificate. Always ensure that the certificate is from a third party rather than the jewellery store. This is because the store will definitely want to sell its product and hence assure the buyer that it is an original piece. Therefore, it is always better to get the certificate from a third party. You can also ask your astrologer to take a look at the stone.

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