What Can You Expect From A Liver Transplant Package in India?

What Can You Expect From A Liver Transplant Package in India

A Liver Transplant Package involves all the things considering the benefits and convenience of a healthcare traveller to India. The cost of USD 29,000 to 35,000 gives you all the inclusions for both the donor and the recipient. Let us check it in a bit detail.

Fundamental Inclusions of a Liver Transplant Package in India:

If we talk about the liver transplant package in India, it includes all the expenses that are possible in the hospital from the time of your admission until your discharge. 


  • Tests and Diagnosis of The Patient:


Despite you having your test reports, the doctors in India conduct the tests on the patients at the time of admission in the hospital. It is for the assurance to provide better treatment and to analyse the present condition of the patient. With the latest reports, it is easier to analyse the eligibility of the patient for the transplant. 


  • Tests and Diagnosis of The Donor:


Liver Fitness Test of the donor can determine whether or not a donor is fit to donate the part of the liver. Apart from that, there are other considerations like size of the liver, blood group, liver function, overall medical condition of the patient, and more. So, the surgeons in India perform tests on both the donor and recipient. It enhances the probability of the success of a transplant procedure. 


  • Liver Transplant:


Liver Transplant Package mainly involves the Liver Transplant Cost. The major part of the package includes the transplant or the surgery cost. It can vary depending on the choice of hospital and the choice of the surgeon. 


  • Stay and Food in The Hospital:


Yes, the food and stay cost is included in the package for the donor and the patient until the discharge from the hospital. However, the price might vary depending on your choice for a private room or the shared room. The cost of a private room is higher than the shared room.


  • Cost of Medicine:


Right from the day of admission to the discharge, the cost of drugs and medicines for both the donor and the recipient is included in the package. You will also receive medication at the time of discharge for a particular time period.

Well, you cannot immediately travel back to your country after discharge from the hospital. You will have to stay back outside the hospital for follow-up care. The cost of stay and food in the hotel is not included in the liver transplant package. 

However, if you wish to stay in the international hospital lounge, you can give the prior intimation so that the package is designed accordingly. Well, there would be an additional cost for the same. 

Final Words:

The Liver Transplant Package is highly affordable for international patients, and they save about three times than getting treatment in other countries with the expensive cost of the transplant. So, if you are recommended for a liver transplant, consult medical tourism companies in India, and they will provide you with all the required information. 


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