What Are The Updated Features Of Visa Subclass 189?

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Visa Subclass 189

To begin with, the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is a permanent residency visa. This is a points-tested visa designed for skilled workers willing to live and work in Australia. You need to score 65 points in total to become eligible for this visa. You don’t need to be sponsored by an Australian State/Territory/employer to apply for this visa lawfully. To apply firstly you should acquire a valid skills assessment concerning your selected occupation. Then you must lodge an EOI to get invited to apply for the 189 visa.

Prominent features of the 189 visa subclass

Before you apply for the 189 visa subclass you must know about its crucial features quite well. The following write-up will acquaint you with some of these features of the 189 visa which are given below.

Things you can do

The Visa Subclass 189 lets you stay in Australia permanently. The following are some of the things which this visa lets you do in Australia.

  • You can apply for citizenship if you are considered eligible.
  • You can travel from and to Australia within a duration of five years.
  • You can also sponsor eligible relatives to attain a permanent residency in Australia.
  • You are allowed to get registered for Medicare as well. Medicare is basically considered the most substantial healthcare program in Australia.
  • This visa lets you study and work in Australia as well.
  • Most importantly, with this visa, you can live in Australia permanently.

You should know that citizens of New Zealand are also permitted to apply for the 189 visa subclass legitimately.

Basic eligibility criteria

There are some basic eligibility criteria that you should meet indispensably when applying for the visa subclass 189. A comprehensive 189 Visa Checklist pertaining to these criteria have been outlined below.

  • You should be reasonably skilled in English.
  • You should qualify the invalid Australian skills assessment test compatible with your occupation. This particular test must be conducted by a substantial skills assessment authority.
  • You should choose a valid occupation which is included in the Occupation List (MLTSSL).
  • Make sure that you are of the eligible age. This requires you to be less than 45 years.

If Doha finds that you have met all the said eligibility criteria they will invite you for an application. After that you can apply for the visa subclass 189 within the next 60 days.

The application process of the 189 visa

To apply for the 189 visa, you should be invited by the Department of Home Affairs. You must lodge an Expression of Interest through a legitimate SkillSelect authority. While doing so, you should provide the nitty-gritty of your skills, qualifications, and occupations without a miss. The SkillSelect will then ascertain your acquisition of the desired score and a vacant position for you. If you meet these two criteria successfully, then you will be invited to apply for the visa subclass 189.

The step by step process

To attain a successful application of the 189 visa, you must meet the relevant 189 Visa Requirements effectively. The following are a few steps executing which you too can apply for the visa 189 successfully.

Step A: Compliance with the eligibility requirements

This is the first step to initiate the application process of your visa 189. According to this, Doha will evaluate each of the requirements which you have met. These include the assessment of your qualifications, English proficiency and work experience, etc. Additionally, they will assess whether you are eligible for a valid occupation and skill assessment test or not. Once Doha finds that you are absolutely eligible, they will invite you to apply for the visa 189.

Step B: Qualify in the skills assessment test

This step requires you to qualify in the skills assessment test by securing the minimum score of 65 points. If you can implement this step effectively, you need to submit an EOI next.

Step C: Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

During this step, you should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through a valid SkillSelect. The SkillSelect authority will ask you certain questions concerning your work experience, background and skills during the entire procedure.

Step D: Time to find a sponsor

Next, you should be nominated by a legitimate sponsor to be able to Apply for 189 Visa successfully. So, you should find an eligible sponsor to get sponsored by him/her accordingly. Then, the Doha will invite you to apply for the visa subclass 189.

Step E: Nomination by your sponsor

Step E requires your sponsor to nominate you. You can apply for this visa while your sponsor lodges his/her own application.

Step 6: Apply and wait

Now, it’s time for you to apply for the visa subclass 189 and wait for a final decision. Conventionally, the Doha requires eight to eleven months to declare the ultimate outcome of your visa application.

Step 7: Obtain your 189 visa

The Doha will assess your compliance with all the relevant 189 Visa Eligibility criteria for the final time. If they find that you have submitted a faultless visa application, they will approve your visa 189 right then. After that, you can optimize your 189 visa to stay in Australia permanently.

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