Ways to Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories


Is your brand on Instagram? Do you make use of hashtags? If your brand is on Instagram the use of hashtags is paramount in reaching your target audience.

People can follow hashtags. Should they decide to follow hashtags, your hashtagged story will appear on their feed irrespective of whether they are your followers or not. if you are using Tikitok then your content will be shown on foryoupage of your audience. You can add hashtags in your stories by using the hashtag sticker or the text tool.

Here is a look at several ways you can use hashtags in your Instagram stories;

  • Make Your Hashtag Invisible in Your Story

Hashtags are important for making your story have a wider reach. At the same time, many hashtags on a story make it appear like spam as well as unappealing when used excessively. To make them invisible, you could shrink them to decrease their size, after typing them. Take care not to make them too small as Instagram will not populate them when searched.

Placing a GIF over the hashtag will conceal it but still make it searchable. Blending your hashtag to the color of your story’s background is another way to make it invisible yet discoverable. This works perfectly when the background has a solid color.

  • Add Geographics to the Hashtag on Your Story

Location tags can be used as hashtags as they are almost similar. To use them on a story, the user includes a linked location to a video the same way they would add a hashtag. When you tag a location, e.g. a neighborhood, the tagged picture will not be limited to the mentioned hood. It may be visible to the city or state.

The location tag is useful for brands looking to host location-based events or launches. It gives context to your story, hyper targets your audience, as well as increasing your views.

  • Use Hashtags Strategically

Before adding a hashtag to your Insta Story consider your niche and target it. Use hashtags that tell more about your business and ones that target your niche market. The use of hyper-relevant hashtags helps you receive candid engagement. If you can’t find accurate hashtags for your instagram content you can make your own hashtags by using Hashtagsforlikes generating tools.

  • Make Use of @ Mentions

You can use the @mention sticker to mention a client or a business related to you. When you @mention someone they receive an alert. Most of the time they will share your content with their story. This makes you visible to their followers and you can have a wider reach.

  • Use Them to Get to the Explore Page

Using a hashtag that is catchy drives traffic to your account. If it is popular enough, users will be able to see real-time stories on the hashtag page. Stories only last for 24 hours therefore it wise to use something broad and hyper-specific. This gives your content a better chance to show up on feeds. If they are impressed by the stories they may start following you.

  • Use Them Sparingly

Using too many hashtags on your stories makes you appear desperate for likes. As a brand, you do not want to appear like you are desperate for likes, rather you want to ensure your engagement with followers and users is meaningful. Too many hashtags may make your story lose the original meaning. For stories, you are advised to use a maximum of 10 hashtags.

  • Use a Hashtag Sticker

To locate the hashtag sticker, go to sticker options on your stories. Click on the sticker of your choice. You can start typing immediately. Once done you will have a sticker clickable to a particular search. Hashtag sticker allows for one hashtag at a time. If you try adding another one it will type over the existing one.

  1. Use a Text Tool

A textbox allows you to manually type your hashtag. To make them clickable ensure the hashtags are underlined once you are done typing them. It allows a maximum of 10 hashtags to be incorporated. However, Instagram limits the hashtags to 3 and only the top three will be available when searched.you can generate instagram hashtags by using Instagram hashtag generator to grow your followings and get more engagements.

In summary, try to ensure that each Instagram hashtag you use relates to the content you put out. Try having separate lists of hashtags to accompany the different content on your story. This will save you the embarrassment of attaching irrelevant hashtags to your content.

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