Top Tips to Sell Your Car at High Price

Selling your automobile may seem to be a very straightforward process. Right? How difficult can it be – take out your smartphone, get some pictures, and upload them to a website of your choice. Then, prepare yourself for calls and messages from hundreds of potential parties (many of which will offer you half the price without even seeing your car). If only it was that easy!    

Committing only a few mistakes can make a big difference between you bagging the full value on your automobile or probably thousands below it. So, you have to be quite careful when placing an advertisement in any medium. There are some people with a discerning eye that will immediately devalue your ride if, for instance, the pictures you post show it’s unclean version.

Tips & Tricks

There are numerous basic yet indispensable ways that can help you maximize the profit when you are planning to sell your car in Dubai. While you may find a few blatantly obvious, just go online and observe those mistakes by yourself.

Pay attention to the following key areas so that you can end up with some extra dirhams in your wallet. Continue reading!

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

It is highly suggested to professionally detail your car before you post any photos of it online for sale. This advice is particularly for those sellers who had been driving their cars regularly. 

People don’t realize how dirty and grubby their car can get over with time, especially those areas that they don’t really observe such as an engine. And since it’s their car, they are unlikely to notice just how rough it’s looking, particularly the most neglected areas including door jambs and other nooks and crannies.

There are thousands of online ads where the owners have posted the pictures of the car without taking angles into consideration. Therefore, if you are not putting off those crisps packets and cigarette butts cluttering the cabins, you can yourself predict the reaction of any interested buyer. Remember, the devil is in the details. Therefore, clean your car thoroughly before you take a plunge.

Take Some Good Photos

Take no blurry snaps. Avoid taking those pictures when your car is parked with others and especially none with your fat fingers covering half of the camera!

Ensure all the photos showing your car are neat, present a clean, uncluttered background, and help make it look as striking as possible.

Give A Good Description

Give a brief description of your car such as the year of the car, the model, the make, it’s color, engine and transmission details, Vehicle identification number (VIN), its mileage, and any extra equipment that it might have.

Want to make it more interesting? Why not add a little story about it? This could be why you bought it when you bought it, and how consistent it has been during the time when you owned it.

Deliver A Good Description History  

Well, many of you won’t like to keep receipts of cash you have spent on maintaining your car. However, keeping all of those service history bills would make the car selling process a piece of cake. It is pertinent to keep as much documentation as you can. That is to say, showing all the work that has been done to your car to the buyers will ultimately increase the chance of selling your car at a good rate. They will feel confident while giving thousands of dirhams for your vehicle.

In all, Dubai cars are known for their luxury and comfort. So, if you want your vehicle to sell like a hot cake, apply all these tips before you make the next move. 

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