Top Four Reasons For Taking Out A 2 wheeler loan

2 wheeler loan

Have you been wondering for a long time about how to quickly, efficiently, and easily purchase a two-wheeler? You can apply for a loan with Muthoot Capital.


The two wheeler finance deliver up to 100 per cent of the vehicle’s on-road price, at fair borrowing rates beginning at 0.99 per cent and incredibly simple EMIs. You can start repaying at any of Muthoot Fincorp branches worldwide, with your ease.


Top 4 justifications


A family person has so many responsibilities to be fulfilled, and it requires flexible liquidity. Availing two-wheeler loans will not result in home budget constraints and will also add one’s vehicle to the family. It could be made possible on account of the following reasons:


  • No Down Payments and Flexible repayment options available

One of the significant benefits is you need not make a down-payment whenever you’re taking out a two-wheeler loan. Hence, it won’t give you any financial stress. The price of a two-wheeler is costly, but if you go for a loan rather than using your account balances, you will not lose your investments.


It is always the best option to set aside your savings for some future contingencies and living expenses. With Muthoot Capital, you can quickly pay back the loan between 12 to 48 months in convenient installments. Digital mPower app is available for easy repayments; also, one can consider NACH (National Automated Clearing House) to hold over the monthly payment. Muthoot Capital services application can also be installed and or can be paid through the Net banking, UPI, or master cards easily.


  • Swift loan approval & Trouble-free Documentation

Apply by simply clicking the “submit now” option. Fill out the form and check your eligibility. After reviewing all the parameters, the loan gets approved instantly. The process is done online, and there is no need to visit the branch.


The Two-Wheeler loans at Muthoot Capital require minimum paperwork, are expedient, and stress-free. After approval, money gets disbursed into your bank account in very little time.


  • Lower Interest Rates & prepayment option available

Two-wheeler loans are quite reasonable in terms of interest rates. The two wheeler loan interest rate is relatively low and affordable as compared to other banks. It offers up to 100% of the two-wheeler’s on-road price at appealing interest rates beginning at 0.99%.


The prepayment option is available in full along with an imposed small fee— all you need to do is contact the representative to explain the required formalities.


  • Easy EMI’s and good Credit Score

Two wheeler loan calculators for EMI help you to calculate your monthly installment. The EMI’s can be paid at a minimal interest rate for up to 5 years. EMI calculator will help you reach a number and term that will allow customers to pay the most appropriate EMI amount. The agent will call to make you understand the process.

If you continue to pay your EMI on time, your credit rating will get a boost. It is the ideal way to do that if you don’t have a past credit record.


Life has become so much simpler for people who use Two-Wheelers for daily commuting. If you’re thinking of buying your dream motorcycle, consider Muthoot Capital, and it would surely be your favourite pick.

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