Top Considerations for Deciding on Aircraft Management Company

When it comes to deciding on the best aerospace companies in Dubai, it takes a lot of time and research. After all, owning a private aircraft is a serious investment. Businessmen opt for owning a private jet to avoid the hassle of commercial flights. Moreover, it’s an economical decision as well. The same thought process should apply while choosing an aircraft management company. Since most of the aircraft management companies offer similar services, it is important to take out time to find out how these companies differ from each other. What makes one stand out from another?

Listed below are the key considerations you need to bear in mind to help you out with your decision:

Costs and Discount Offers

Cost is surely one of the most important deciding factors. You should have a clear understanding of the full breakdown and also take any additional benefits into account. Many companies offer an array of discounts on fuel, maintenance labor, and parts, and reduced insurance costs. Sometimes, these discounts are bigger than the management fees.

You can also consider charter services as a means to offset costs. You can earn revenue by allowing others to fly privately and luxuriously when you are not flying anywhere. This leads to reducing your cost of ownership by 50% or more, which is quite a deal.

Aircraft Management


Surely, you would want to have the best and qualified crew members for your private jet. You have to ensure that the crew checks all the right boxes: trust, training, experience, and reliability. Inquire about the crew and their training. Also, check for any additional crew requirements or standards.


How well your aircraft is maintained and managed is an important aspect of deciding which aircraft management company is the right choice for you. You would need a sharp, efficient, and skilled manager who is adept at dealing with routine inspections and maintenance. Moreover, they should be skilled in dealing with any unexpected mechanical issues.

You should also ensure that your manager is on top of the current regulations and mandates to ensure complete compliance and upgrades. If not, it could result in costly rework or unexpected delays.

Rate of Client Retention

Always check for customer reviews and testimonials. It is the best method to determine the overall quality of service. This would also tell you about the aircraft management company’s ability to retain clients. Any reputable and trustworthy organization is going to have satisfied and loyal customers who are more than willing to talk about their experience with the company.


Although seemingly insignificant, this is an important consideration. The best manager would provide you with a breakdown of all the costs in a clear manner, so there is no ambiguity left. This way, you would know exactly what you are paying for. Detailed reports ascertain that you can monitor, track, and review all expenses of your aircraft anytime.

You need an aircraft management company that allows you the services you need in the best manner. Companies that stick to trust, quality service, reliability, and your best interest at heart will make your investment in jet worth it.

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