Top 5 Benefits of Using a Field Reporting Tool

Field job is a multi-step work for both on-field employees and project managers. Given all the updating that is required every day, walking hand in hand with technology may help simplify and smoothen the process of daily field reporting. The employee tracking app helps your employees record work done in real time. Simultaneously, project supervisors can check these records and assess data accuracy and job productivity to maximise profits. But, that’s not all; there are several more benefits of using a field reporting tool.

 Accuracy with Speed

Employees can use customised templates which include key performance indicators (KPIs) for various financial, operations-related, and sales tasks. With the live reporting feature, these reports are generated in real time and present data in easy to read visualisations, such as charts, tables, and graphs. This enables field employees to enter figures quickly, whereas, project managers can assess performance and productivity quickly as they can access these reports almost instantly.

Improved operational efficiency

A quality employee tracking app comes with cutting edge features such as route-planning, daily work allocation and execution based on pre-set routes and journey plans, and call-efficiency prompting. For employees working on-field, this information on routes comes in handy and saves their time. They no longer have to ferret around for unfamiliar routes. This in turn helps them stay focused on the job and do more in less time. On the other hand, project managers can allocate work at a finger’s touch, interact with employees, alert them in case of mistakes, and maintain overall cohesion of the workflow. Some of the best field reporting apps allow field workers to record attendance through a selfie which helps ensure the live presence of employees.

High quality data

A mobile field reporting app shows data in an easy-to-follow format. With everything automated, the scope of discrepancies and inaccuracies gets minimised and only quality data is created to give a broader picture of the status of business activities. As an advanced business intelligence tool, it enables business leaders to take charge of the data and ensure only relevant metrics are analyzed to measure performances of the businesses and the employees. With data curation and filtration systems, this intuitive tool makes sure that no time is wasted on redundant data and business decisions are based on meticulous data analysis.

Valuable business insights

From employee productivity and revenue to department-specific performances and competitive analysis, data generated through an employee tracking app empowers businesses to understand what’s working and what isn’t. This analysis helps further in budgeting, planning, training, forecasting, etc and effectively helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Customer data also enables employees to spot sales trends that deliver better results and identify business problems (if any).

Increased customer satisfaction

Using an employee tracking app to ensure that your employees are delivering their best may very well translate to more number of satisfied customers. Not only does this tech tool help provide timely services to a greater number of customers, but also understand customer behaviors and patterns. Many customer service employees take customers’ feedback in real time and use this information to study patterns of buying to anticipate needs and deliver better service.

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