Top 10 Must Have Android Apps In 2020 [Updated]

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps In 2020 [Updated]

Hey guys, how are you? I hope you are fine. Today in this post, I will share some different types of topic. In this post I will discuss about must have android apps on android device. There are so many Android apps in the Play Store, it can be hard to know which are best but after read this article everything would be cleaner. We know that Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system in the world. It’s hard to find a guy who uses a smartphone but doesn’t run android apps. If you have an Android mobile, depending on which apps you use, how much you can enjoy the phone. Android phones usually have the Google Play Store installed. Open the app and login with your Gmail account here some apps arranged in different categories according to the type of app. Let’s see which apps must be used to exploit the power of Android.

Must Have Android Apps



You need a web browser to visit various sites on the Internet. Android phones have a default browser. However, the default browser of all phones is not good. You can use Opera Mini or UC browser if you want a browser that faster and costs fewer data. If you have no idea about data consumption, using Google Chrome Mobile Browser will get the fastest and best experience.

Social network

Using the Facebook app on mobile can be best enjoyed by the service, although it will cost a bit more data and battery than Opera Mini or UC Browser. There is another app called Facebook Lite that will cost less data on Facebook. If you want to use other social networking sites like Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, then must download these apps are all now trending.

Online Call and Message App

In this modern era, we are always thinking different and new technology and as a result of new technology online video system that is mostly used by worldwide. Making audio-video calls and texts online is very affordable and convenient. You can use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Imo, Viber, Skype, etc. to make online audio-video calls.


Email is one of the most important ways of communicating online. You can also send and receive emails. Currently, the most popular email service is Gmail. This service provided by Google’. The Android operating system is also owned by Google. On the other hand, Microsoft, the maker of Windows, has an Outlook email service. That is also popular. Yahoo Email was once popular, but many did not think Yahoo Mail was safe when came to the news of recent hacking. So if I want to use email, I think Gmail or Outlook will be good.


These the most trending things. This music app is available for listening to audio. You can play MP3 through the Music Player app. That is why it is not an external app. If you want to watch live video online, you can use the YouTube app. And the video player on the phone can be used to watch videos saved on mobile. Or you can install the MX Player.

File sharing

another Must Have Android App.Nowadays very few peoples are using Bluetooth to exchange files between two phones. Shareit App is the best application for sharing files with others. Send and receive files wirelessly between computers and mobile devices. also, xender very good work for file sharing. However, you need to have WiFi access on your PC and mobile. Check out this post if you want to get many options for Shareit.


Google Maps would be best for using Maps on mobile. This shows the clearest map and high-quality Streetview of most places in the world, including the USA, India, the Middle East. Or many more places.

Writing Keyboard

This is also Must Have Android App. Ridimic keyboard can be used to write letters on mobile. It’s pretty easy to use. You can also write English, Hindi, Bangla very easily using Google’s Indic keyboard.

Read and create documents.

You can use the Microsoft Office Android version to read documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. If you use Google Docs on your computer, you can use the Google Docs app on mobile. Installing the Google Drive app can be used to create a document file and save it online and offline. It is also possible to open a PDF file with the Drive app. You can use Adobe Reader to read PDF files normally.

The dictionary

Another most important thing is the dictionary app that really helpfull to the user who are facing any types of problem. You can use the Google Translate app to find out the meaning of words in different languages. Apart from this, the Bengali Dictionary app is also handy. Not only that you can many more dictionary app from play store and all are free of cost.


I hope this Must Have Android Apps article will help you to understand which apps you need or don’t need. You can download all of these apps from playstore and free to use. if you have any question about this article then must comment in the below section I will replay as soon as possible.thank you for visiting the website.

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