Tips For Creating Calm Environment For The Kids During Online Classes

Your classroom environment has an impact on your students more than you realize. Kids are susceptible to stress. Creating a calm online environment for the classes is crucial in keeping them engaged, helping them retain the lessons, and providing them with an enjoyable learning experience. If you’re looking for help in creating the best possible learning environment for your students, here are tips you can use for your next sessions. Watch how each one makes a difference in the engagement levels in your classes.

Designate a Space

Find the perfect spot where you can work. If there are too many distractions—maybe you’re working in the living room—that could be a factor why your students aren’t as engaged as they should be. For instance, if there are many interruptions or people talking to you from beyond the range of the camera, that’s a disturbance you’ll want to nix. Work in a room instead to minimize or eliminate distractions that might be keeping you and your students from being fully engaged in the lessons.

Create the Right Backdrop

Make your backdrop interesting with colors that help keep their eyes on the screen. However, that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. If there are too many things going around your background, that could work against you as it might retain the interest and attention of your students more than the lessons. Strike the right balance between finding something interesting and yet soothing or calming enough that it keeps their attention on the lessons. Learn what other teachers in the private schools use and think of that as a basis or reference when you choose a backdrop for your sessions.

Use Your Voice

Your voice is a tool. Use it. Modulate your voice so the excitement comes through. Your students will respond to that. If you are teaching them online, it’s even more important to use an animated tone of voice. It keeps the energy levels in your classroom high and that’s often what it takes to keep the kids interested and entertained during their lessons.

Fix the Lighting

You might think that using strong lighting in your online classes is an excellent idea. But many kids—along with adults—are sensitive to bright lights. That could be a factor that’s hurting engagement in your classes. Instead, try to go with softer lighting. Also, harsh, bright lighting hurts the eyes. You might be doing harm to your students and not know it just by exposing them to lights that are much too bright every day.

Start with a Song

You want high energy levels every single time. One way to get the students interested is to start the class with a song. That can help improve the atmosphere of the class, especially if your session is in the afternoon. If they’ve been sitting at their desks for too long, starting the lesson with a song can help shake off the fatigue or sleepiness and get them excited for your class.


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