Skincare Routine That You Must Follow for a Younger Looking Skin

As per a recent study, most people don’t know muchregarding the use of a wide range of skincare products including the extremely popular SkinCeuticals. It’s normal not to have the innate knowledge of the proper skincare routine as not all of us are skincare experts. Having said that, one must learn the correct usage of skincare products with time to be able take care of their skin.

To make things easier for you, we’re going to give a simple and easy to follow a basic skincare routine. Using this routine, you will be able to keep your skin flawless and younger-looking always.

Skincare products Application orders

Below we are going to describe the exact order using which you can correctly use your skincare products.

For Day:

  1.       Cleanser.
  2.       Toner.
  3.       Serums.
  4.       Eye Cream.
  5.       Spot Treatments.
  6.       Moisturizer.
  7.       Face oil.
  8.       Sunscreen.

For Night:

  1.       Cleanser.
  2.       Toner.
  3.       Serums.
  4.       Eye Cream.
  5.       Spot Treatment.
  6.       Moisturizer.
  7.       Retinol.
  8.       Face Oil.

Save these steps and follow them regularly if you want to keep your skin youthful and flawless forever.


However, for the best results use the products that suit your skin type.


Cleansing is the most crucial step in skincare but most people skip it. Before applying anything on your skin, cleaning it is necessary as only a clean skin can absorb the nutrients of the products. Therefore, you must wipe the make-up off your face using a cleansing oil. Then gently massage some cleansing milk on your skin if you’re prone to acne.

However, choosing the right cleanser for yourself is imperative if you properly want to reap the benefits of your skincare routine. In case you have oily skin, go for a deep oil cleansing cleanser and for dry skin, select a hydrating cleanser. 


Previously, alcohol-based toners were used that could cause skin irritation. However, now toners are really gentle that you won’t even feel after applying. Look for toners that are rich in BHA or AHA, these ingredients unclog your pores making your skin breathable again. You can simply use toners after cleansing and leave them to dry on their own. if you have to apply anything else on your skin then wait till they’re fully absorbed in your skin.

There are different types from which you can choose from or you can just opt for the hydrating toner that will replenish any water demand of your skin.


Serums are probably one of those few skincare products that we all have but we don’t know what purpose they serve. They are shots of extremely concentrated nutrients, antioxidants and hydrators. They can revamp your skin’s health as soon as you apply them.

Serums can do wonders for your skin but again, most people skip them. To make it simple, toners are like a sip of beer whereas serums are a whole shot of tequila for your skin. Therefore, for your morning routine, opt for a Vitamin C serum and for night hyaluronic acid one.

Eye Creams:

Caring for your eyes is a part of your everyday skincare routine. You must remember to apply eye creams before applying anything else on your face. Go for an eye cream that comes with a rollerball applicator and caffeine in its ingredients. The caffeine in your cream will constrict and tighten your puffy eyes.

Treatment for Spots:

The best time for applying spot treatments is undoubtedly at night but you can also use them during the day if you want to. However, using them at night will prove to be more beneficial as our body repairs its worn-out parts during the night. Regardless, of the timing make sure to apply them before applying the moisturizer.


Moisturizer is the skincare product that is compulsory to use if you want your skin to keep looking healthy and youthful. A moisturizer acts as a seal that traps all the nutrients inside making it easy for your skin to absorb them. Hence, you must make it your habit to apply moisturizer to your skin daily.


Retinol contains Vitamin A derivatives and it is important for fighting the signs of aging. It can boost the collagen production of your skin and will reduce wrinkles and dark spots.

Face Oils:

Face oils also act as seals that lock-in all the nutrients that you have applied to your face. Oils will penetrate all the layers you have slathered on your face but nothing can surpass the layer of oil. Therefore, it is vital that you apply the face oil at the end of your daily skincare routine.


Using sunscreens is a must every day in the morning whether you’re going out or not. Sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Although, many skincare products contain SPF 15 as per experts the minimum SPF you need is 30.

These are some of the skincare routines that will help you in keeping your skin looking youthful forever. However, if you still want to get even tighter and firmer looking skin you can opt for any of the cosmetic surgery Dubai clinics.

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