QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File

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QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File

QuickBooks is a tool that helps you a lot in maintaining all your business financing data in an effective manner. QuickBooks offers multiple facilitating features to its users. One of all is backup up of your company files and essential data. Users can easily use those data as an accidental loss of data or information. QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company file is a concern provided by Intuit’s QuickBooks professionals in their software. In this article, users can easily get all details about QuickBooks issues in backing up the Company file and other possible errors occurring during running the QB software. And also define the valuable reasons why your system appears with those kinds of error pop-ups on your display screen.

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Are you familiar with the process of Backup? Now we start talking about the concept of Backup. A Backup is an essential data that is required to re-create all your company files and the QB environment on which you are working on it. It saves your data in the case of accidental data loss. We highly suggest and recommend you to take a backup of your company file in a fixed period of time for securing your data for future use.

When your backup fails accidentally. Now, look at other similar issues.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Issue?

There are multiple causes and various reasons that cause issues in creating a backup of the company file in QuickBooks software. Some of them are stated below.

  • Something happens corrupted or wrong with your QuickBooks Company file.
  • Using the inappropriate methodologies in opening the particular file types.
  • The company file is already opened by someone on another location on the shared network.
  • Heavy and loaded files and generated reports, and the other windows set to open can freeze automatically.
  • When users attempt to open the QuickBooks version to open the files.
  • You are facing some other kind of issues which include access permissions, encrypted or compressed files, problems with the different and separate filename and extension. And also includes corruption of the data within the file.

Reasons for the occurrence of these errors

  • Name of your company file will exceed the actual limits of your file which include a maximum of 65 characters.
  • The file name containing the separate extension at the time of saving.
  • The size of the file is larger than the recommended 3 GB.
  • Your company file path is large and for maintaining understandability.
  • When you are attempting to store the backup of your files to an external drive or you can say flash drive.

How to find the successive solutions for QuickBooks Unable to Backup QuickBooks File

First, you have to make sure that your QuickBooks desktop is up to date before implementing all the steps and solutions stated below. A quick solution to solve your issue.

Renaming your QuickBooks Desktop Company file

You are required to rename the existing company file for creating a new QuickBooks Desktop company file. Using the wrong and misled new copy of a company file will help you in encountering the issue in an effective manner.

  • Firstly users need to launch the QuickBooks Desktop and then try to open the QuickBooks company file.
  • From your keyboard press and hold the two keys simultaneously to open the Product Information window in your system screen.
  • Keep noted the location of your file which might be listed successfully in the File information Field.
  • Now closing the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Browse to the actual location of the file.
  • Click right and then start the process to rename the file by selecting the Rename option.
  • One starts typing the new company file and then hits enter.
  • After that window shows you the message asking for the confirmation which shows yes and no. Simply click the yes and end the process.


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