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Online Quran Academy is the best e-learning platform for kids and adults to learn the Quran. These types of e-learning platforms are safe, affordable, and simple to use. You can save a lot of money and time as compared to the conventional modes of learning. Instead of going to a mosque, you can take classes from home. You can adjust the learning of the Quran according to your timetable. The teachers are available 24×7 to schedule classes according to the convenience of students.

Variety of courses:

There is a variety of courses offered by the online Quran teaching academies. The courses are suitable for every age group and gender. Even new reverts find it effective and useful to learn the Quran. The courses include an online Quran reading course, Tajweed course, Tafseer course, Translation course, Ijazah course, Memorization course, daily supplications, and Quran learning courses.

Learning at an early age:

Learning the Quran in early is like writing on a blank page. The best age for learning the Quran is 5 to 6 years. When you learn anything in an early age, you remember it for the rest of your life. Moreover, the brain processes information quickly at that time. Hence, learning the Quran at an early age is very important.

Expert teachers with swift communication style:

The elite professional native Arabic speakers have a full grip on the subject. It does not matter whether you live in America or in the Arabian Peninsula; the online teaching platforms provide experienced Islamic scholars. Thebest Quran teachers communicate fluently with learners in Arabic, English, or Urdu language. The teachers make sure that the communication method has made learning effective and smooth.

Online Quran classes via Skype:

The use of the internet can benefit readers by connecting them with expert scholars. Skype has made distance learning easier and more engaging by using the latest teaching tools. This one-on-one learning platform directly connects mentors with learners. The multi-channel audio-video streaming has made it interactive especially for kids. Moreover, screen sharing facility allows them to directly interacting with teachers.

Interactive teaching method:

The students are free to ask questions to improve their concepts. The use of white-board is considered very effective to understand a concept. Likewise, the online Quran teachers use white-board to explain lessons for a better understanding of the students. Particularly, Arabic grammar rules, Tajweed rules, Tafseer basis, and Translation of verses is the best explained with the help of white-board via video streaming.

Focus on pronunciation and recognition of Arabic alphabets:

The beginners find learning Arabic language very difficult especially living in western countries. The Arabic alphabets are somehow similar to Urdu language. The teachers make sure that students recognize all alphabets correctly. There are specific emission points in the mouth to pronounce each alphabet. The online Quran teachers focus on the correct pronunciation of alphabets according to applied Tajweed rules.

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