Master Cleanse Diet: Everything You Want to Know

Master Cleanse Diet

Master cleanse is the most advanced form of lemonade diet. Master cleanse us used for faster weight loss.

While following this diet, for 10 days, no solid food is eaten. Master cleanse remains the only source for nutrients and calories.

According to the followers of this diet, it cleanses your body of toxins and improves your digestive system. It melts fat and aid in faster weight loss.

Saltwater, lemonade and laxative teas are normally used to make master cleanse. Some say it is just a short term solution for weight loss and not effective for the long term.

In this article, we will discuss almost everything about the master cleanse diet.

How Master Cleanse Works?

Don’t make a sudden change in your routine diet to follow the master cleanse diet. You may get negative effects of this sudden change because of its totally a liquid diet.

If you want to follow the master cleanse diet, first reduce your food intake slowly. Meanwhile, start using a master cleanse daily. In this way, your body will become more used to liquids than solid. Then you can follow the master cleanse diet.

Here is the more easy way to understand how to follow a master cleanse diet:


  • Day1 and 2: Cut of processed foods, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, meat, and added sugars. Start eating vegetables and fruits.
  • Day 3: Start using more liquid foods than solid foods. You can start consuming smoothies, broths, fresh fruit juices, pureed soups, and vegetable juices.
  • Day 4: For additional calories start drinking maple syrup. Start drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice. Laxative tea before bed can aid in weight loss. Start drinking it daily.
  • Day 5:  Start following a master cleanse diet.


This is a 5-day plan to follow before you start a master cleanse diet so you may not get weak while following it. 

Master Cleanse Benefits for Weight Loss:

A Master Cleanse diet is effective for weight loss. While following a master cleanse diet, you will take lesser calories than your body burn. This will ultimately result in weight loss.

There are no studies about its long term weight loss effects. You will lose weight but you will gain it back until you maintain it.

Does It Remove Toxins:

Followers and sellers of the master cleanse diet claims that the master cleanse diet can flush toxins from your body. There are many other foods that can enhance the ability of the liver to neutralize foods. Cruciferous vegetables, herbs, seaweeds, and spices are some of them.

Master cleanse diet is getting fame due to many reasons. It is easy to follow and its inexpensive. Everyone can afford it and reduce weight. By removing toxins from body, it also improves the digestive system.

What to eat?

The Master cleanse diet is made up of very simple ingredients. Lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water, these are the only food that you should consume while following a master cleanse diet.

Don’t eat any solid food. Consume warm salt water to stimulate bowel movements in the morning. Don’ et other beverages or foods.

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