Lost Something Very Important? Here is the Guide to Get It Back

Data we store in drive is like our asset and we can’t bear the loss of it. There are times when we face Severe data loss issues due to natural disasters, men made debacles, etc. At that point of data loss stage we need something like a magic wand which can help us to get our lost data back. These day’s data recovery tools are working as magic wand for data loss victims. Today in this blog we are going to explore a best data recovery tool which can work efficiently to recover lost files from the different type of storage devices.

Data Loss Scenarios:

“Accidently dropped a cup of tea on my Laptop and it ruined the internal parts of my system. Now I am not able to access my data.”

“I don’t know what kind of virus attacked my computer but it crashed the system due to which I lost my data.”

“I don’t know who has done this but yes someone has deleted my important file from the drive. And now I want it back!”

“I know I may sound like a stupid but yes I accidently deleted my important work document which I had created with a lot of hard work.”

How Data Recovery Tool Helps to Get Lost Data Back?

Data recovery tools are designed with the advance drive scan engine which reads each and every sectors of the drive to extract lost files in their original format. Lost data recovery would not have been imagined if data recovery software is not available. The software which we are going to use today for recovering lost data is Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition. This software is presented by Stellar, the most trusted data care company. 

Highlights of Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition:

  • It allows recovering any type of file format
  • Supports almost all kinds of Storage drives
  • Smart scan engine read all the sectors of drive to find lost data
  • Recover 1GB data at free of cost
  • Preview all Recoverable files before recovery
  • Unallocated and Encrypted drive data recovery is also possible with this tool

Download Stellar Free Data Recovery Software and start the lost data recovery process without facing any hamper.

Step1: Once software is downloaded just installed it on your system.

Note: Don’t forget to download software on different drives from which you don’t want to recover data.

Step2: Open software interface and select the type of data you want to recover and click on “Next” button

Step 3: The next screen of the software will ask you to choose the location from where your data has lost. Select the drive or folder and click on “Scan” button.

Step 4: Once you click on the Scan button, software will start the scanning process and show you the files available for recovery.

Step 5: After completing the scanning process you can preview the file you had lost by clicking on it.

Step 6: Select the file for recovery and save it at the desired location

Wrap Up:Data recovery tools are really helpful to recover lost data but you need to know which software will work for you. Not all the tools are easy to operate and promise 100% recovery results. So it is recommended to read reviews about software and try their free version first before paying for them.


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