Internet Tv and Its Benefits

What is Internet TV?

Internet TV (web TV, OTT [over-the-top: a service through which a third party transmits content through the Internet in addition to existing telecommunications and broadcasting operators] TV, also referred to as broadband TV, etc.) It is a means of accessing and viewing Internet streaming content on a television. The reason for using Internet TV is to be able to watch (view later through recording) regardless of time, to be easy to use, and in some cases to block wired broadcasting for media streamed over the Internet.


Recently, content owners have been testing platforms other than over-the-air broadcasting for access to media streamed over the Internet, and in many places they have succeeded in accessing content through set-top boxes (iSTBs), game consoles, and web TV. Devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast have the ability to play video-on-demand (VOD) content directly on the TV at home from the Internet.

Televisions connected to these devices provide access to various content as well as movies and TV series related to large networks. Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon are the three major content providers you can find on most devices. YouTube also offers applications to many connected devices and TVs.

When choosing a device, consider your viewing habits and what you and your family enjoy watching. Each device has different functions and available contents, and the price varies from US$50 to US$300. Check out these devices yourself at your local electronics store.

Church and Internet TV

The church is deeply interested in broadband TV and its possibilities in that it allows access and playback of church-related media at home. In the case of churches, Internet TV allows people around the world to access church content in their homes and chapels. With a web-enabled device or television, members can access and play any media produced by the Church. It can also be used in family home evening, seminary and institutes of religion, church Sunday lessons, and leadership training.

To date, you can use devices like Roku boxes and Apple TVs to access church-related media on your home TV. Content available includes live broadcasts, Mormon messages, general conferences, Church Educational System devotionals, “I am a Mormon” advertisement, youth media, and LDS radio series.

The Church is actively involved in researching and preparing these channels and applications for multiple devices for the benefit of members around the world. Visit the site often to see which devices are compatible with Mormon Channel playback and related media. See the list below for supported devices and other devices under preparation or evaluation.

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