Innovations that took place in the IFB washing machines in the last 5 years

IFB is one of the best washing machine brands in the world. Here are some of the innovations that have taken place in IFB washers over the past five years.

IFB as a consumer electronics brand has been at the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to washing machines. In fact, IFB holds the enviable record of launching India’s very first front-load washing machine, India’s very first clothes dryer, and also the country’s first smart load washing machine! 

This in itself cements IFB as India’s most reliable washing machine brand, and one of the country’s best washing machine brands.

Over the past few years, the brand has offered IFB washing machines that came with innovative features, such as Deep Clean, Cradle Wash, and Aqua Energie. Some of the best washing machines today are offered by IFB, and come equipped with the latest technology, and a bevy of impressive features.

Let us now take a closer look at the innovations that have taken place over the past five years.

Smart Loaders

IFB now offers smart loaders – a new class of washing machines from the brand that is regarded as the country’s first smart washing machine models. Smart loaders can identify the extent to which the clothes are dirty or soiled. 

For instance, it can smartly recognize your child’s dirty school uniform, or even a small hair that might just be tucked inside your shirt. Furthermore, these smart loaders come with smart technologies to reduce the power consumption. 

These IFB washing machine models also come with 4 years of warranty, along with 10 years of spare parts support.

Wide Range of Wash Styles

Today, washing machine brands equip washers with different wash options, to ensure that the machine can effortlessly clean different types of clothes without damaging them. 

Even IFB provides washing machines that come with a wide range of wash styles. This is something that brands across the board are trying to offer, as consumers now have more demands, and expect better care from the washing machine models.

That said, the latest IFB washing machines come equipped with the following wash options:

  • Air bubble Wash
  • 360 degree Wash
  • Cradle Wash
  • O2 Wash
  • Steam Wash

Bi-axial Rotation, 4D Swirl Jet and Crescent Moon Drum

In its premium models, IFB offers a wide range of features and technologies that facilitate a thorough cleaning. Three of such technologies include bi-axial motion technology, a 4D swirl jet, and a crescent moon drum. 

The bi-axial technology initially lets the clothes rotate horizontally inside the machine, after which they are vertically tumbled. This is done to provide a 360-degree wash, which ensures that all the clothes are evenly washed.

The 4D – or 4 dynamic water jets then facilitate immaculate cleaning, which ensures that the clothes are spotless. The washer’s soft scrub pads gently remove the most stubborn stains and dirt using powerful swirl jets, which utilize the center-punch mechanical action to remove the dirt particles from the clothes.

Then, the crescent moon design of the drum creates a gentle wash cushion, so that the clothes retain their integrity, and aren’t damaged during the washing process.

Triadic Pulsator

Triadic pulsator in high-end top-load washing machines comes with soft scrub pads, which gently remove the dirt and stains from the clothes. The swirl 3D jet is then activated, which ensures that the dirt and stains are removed completely, thus ensuring a thorough wash.

These are just some of the innovative features and technologies IFB offers in its washing machines, making IFB washing machines some of the best washing machine models available in the market.

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