How to Write an Autobiography Essay?

What is an autobiography essay?

An autobiography essay is about you and therefore it is much more difficult to attempt than a normal topic. In this essay, you have to talk about your experience, your strengths & weaknesses, your capabilities, etc. These types of essays usually come when you are applying to a college. By writing a strong autobiography essay you can increase your chances of getting into your favorite university college. You don’t need to get essay help for this because it’s easy if you know the process. Let’s see how?

What is an autobiography essay?

Autobiography essays give personal details about you to your readers. It talks about your character, your personality, and your encounters with different situations. 

3 steps for writing the essay

Today we are going to guide you on how to write an autobiography essay so that you don’t have to search “who can write an essay for me?” Given below are 3 small steps:

Step 1: Planning the essay

It doesn’t matter if this essay is for your competition or classwork because you need it to plan it for both. The very first thing to consider is what topic you are going to select for the essay. Second, you have to consider your audience i.e. who is going to read it? Lastly, plan the outline. Make a flowchart for the sequence in which you will put your points. Once your plan is ready get started with the research process. I know this is not like other essays where you need to support every single point. But you can research some good stories and find a hook or start for your introduction. This is optional and you don’t have to follow this necessarily.

Step 2: Execution by writing it

Now that you have everything planned out, start working on your rough draft. Address in the first person and write things precisely. Set background and lay the floor for your main story. Don’t leave any guesswork for your readers. Start the introduction with a hook and conclude your essay with a memorable touch or incident.

Step 3: Editing & proofreading

This is the last but most significant part of your essay i.e. editing & proofreading. Editing is where you strike out the things, which are not necessary and reframe your sentences and words to make your content more effective. Proofreading will help you to remove any kind of grammar errors. You don’t want to make a bad impression on your readers by making a silly mistake.


Writing an autobiography essay is no cakewalk. It demands a lot of time and focus. Since it’s more like a personal statement you need to find a balance between how much you are going to disclose and keep it real at the same time. Don’t present only the good side because no one is perfect. You should always tell what flaws you have in the most honest manner.

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