How to get your car keys replaced if they are lost?

For a car owner, losing the car keys can be very stressful, especially if there is no spare available. Consequently, car owners must know how to avail replacement car keys if the original one is lost. It also brings the need for a car key replacement insurance policy in place. Nevertheless, before replacing your car key, you should first know which type of key it is. The different types of car keys include – 

  • Traditional keys lack any encoding or sensor and are made with metals. These keys can be seen only on very old cars. A locksmith can easily replace this type of key.
  • Transponder keys come with a microchip on the key handle. It is activated when inserted in the ignition. Newer types of transponder keys generate a new code every time it is used. Replacing this type of key can be quite costly.
  • Smart keys come with a FOB or frequently operated button. One can turn on the car engine by just pressing the switch from a short distance.

Here are some ways through which one can get his/her car keys replaced – 

  • Traditional replacement with auto locksmith

You should get in touch with an auto locksmith in case you require a replacement car key.  An auto locksmith has experience replacing keys for cars of all makes and models and keeps all the equipment ready to replace your car keys as quickly as possible. Such a replacement is also cost-effective as the locksmith visits your location to deliver the key.

  • Contact your local garage

In case an auto locksmith is not available, one can also get in touch with a local auto garage. These garages hire trained technicians who are skilled at replacing and programming all types of car keys. However, the service provided by a garage may be costlier compared to a locksmith. 

  • Franchise dealerships

One can also contact his/her car dealership to avail a replacement key for the car. However, getting your car key replaced from a dealer might be very lengthy as well as an expensive process. Especially for premium cars, replacement car keys can cost up to Rs.1 lakh. To avoid financial strain, one can consider opting for insurance plan like Key Safeguard cover provided by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions. 

Under a car key replacement insurance plan, one can avail the following benefits – 

  • Substantial coverage amount –

One can avail a significant coverage amount of up to Rs.60,000 in case of loss or theft of car keys. The coverage also includes a complimentary key replacement cover which provides reimbursement of up to Rs.20,000.

  • Break-in coverage – 

Under a car key replacement insurance plan, one can avail reimbursement for costs incurred in replacing keys and locks in case of a break-in. Individuals can also opt for an insurance policy like home protection cover, which provides coverage against financial losses due to theft or burglary in the policyholder’s absence.

  • Lockout

In case an insured is locked out of the car or house due to an unforeseen incident, he/she can avail reimbursement for the expenses incurred due to services of a locksmith under this key replacement insurance plan.

  • Rental car reimbursement

In case of loss or theft of car key, one can avail the services of a rental car and claim reimbursement for the same under the key replacement insurance cover. Apart from that, if one is planning a road trip, he/she should consider opting for a weekend getaway road trip cover, which extends round the clock roadside assistance for unforeseen events like car breakdown.

One can quickly raise a claim under a car key replacement insurance policy by giving a call on the provided toll-free number. Policyholders can also intimate the insurance provider regarding the claim through an SMS or email. However, they should make sure to submit the proper documents while making a claim under the key insurance policy to avoid complications.

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