How to ensure the security of a retirement home?

The Security System of retirement homes is paramount because these are places where a burglary provides an intense feeling of distress among residents. These rest areas are the last in which violent acts such as burglaries must take place. It is also the duty of an establishment manager to guarantee an additional level of serenity to its residents. However, these infrastructures are often relatively unprotected because they are thought to be less targeted than homes or businesses. Thieves therefore often target them because they are easy targets, where a fairly large heritage is concentrated in each room. It is easy to protect such an establishment, so equip your retirement home with a video surveillance system.

 Install a video surveillance system

In a retirement home, there are relatively few access points, which makes monitoring with a reduced number of cameras relatively easy. Rather, it is the diversity of people who use these entrances that can be a challenge. Indeed, between the nursing staff, the deliverers, the visitors and the boarders, it is difficult to detect suspicious behavior. Then opt for cameras with very good resolution, which you will have in plain view in front of your entrances. These will provide details about the type of visitor, and therefore identify a potential threat.


Filter entry

A retirement home should not be a place where entry is easy. Whether for the peace of mind of the occupants or for their safety, a filter must make it possible to control the entrance to the establishment of Security System. An access code is an easy solution, but should not be the only way to get inside. A bell camera with a doorbell, monitored by an employee operating the opening from the inside is the most and most comfortable means for the occupants.

 Control visitors

Far from having to police the regular and regular visitors, a thorough check must be made. Saying that you are coming to see your great aunt should not be enough to enter the establishment. No need to disturb this famous aunt either to ask for confirmation. The best way is to request the deposit of an identity document which will be returned at the time of the exit.

Integrated video surveillance systems

Businesses and stores are increasingly threatened by risks such as burglaries, scams and insurance fraud. Fortunately, there are a multitude of defense strategies that these structures have the choice of implementing to protect themselves, and which if used well, are all highly effective.

Unfortunately, protection systems are too often used separately, when it is when they are combined that they provide the most effective protection.

Homeowners will prefer to install an intrusion alarm systems in Chicago, rather than a video surveillance system, when these two types of systems are made to work together. Such integrated systems will help you tackle these issues that can take a toll on your business or store:

  • Armed robbery
  • Dishonest customers
  • Insurance fraud
  • Employee Theft

You must therefore develop a more global approach, taking into account several risks and preferring to add sophisticated protection systems to relatively basic, but non-substitutable strategies. Do not give up large locks, alarms on rear doors, sealed windows, signs prohibiting passage, or the light at night or in case of absence. It is by combining two types of security system added to these basic gestures, that you will get the best protection. Many owners take refuge in technology, forgetting simple gestures that are sometimes enough. Here are examples of systems you can use in parallel to protect your establishment:

  • A video surveillance system coupled with an independent alarm system
  • A video surveillance system coupled with a sound communication system
  • A video surveillance system coupled with a remote locking system

Operating multiple systems at the same time provides optimal protection. However, keep in mind that burglars who are very organized and determined to enter your store are likely to succeed in doing so in any case. So don’t forget to empty the cash register very regularly or forge surveillance links with the authorities (police patrols during your absence).

Is an apartment video surveillance Security System really necessary?

With the current upsurge in burglaries, the answer “yes” to this question seems obvious. But it is rightly legitimate to wonder whether it is really useful to invest in an apartment video surveillance system, especially when no burglary has been reported in the building.

The reluctance to install such a system revolves around the rent which increases sharply when an apartment is equipped with cameras. A landlord renting their apartments may require a higher rent, but perhaps less suited to the property itself. The sensitive question of the modification of the rent because of the installation of a video surveillance system could find an answer in the expression “better is worth to prevent than to cure”, but here, several advantages to such a system in apartment, are enough to make think the balance towards “yes”.

Burglaries in apartments are often more “serious”

When a house is burglarized, it is rare that each room is ransacked and ransacked. Thieves target the room they are interested in, which is generally more clearly defined in a house. Indeed, a house is generally larger and has rooms with specific roles, while in an apartment, valuables are often found in unusual rooms because of the lack of space. An apartment will therefore be more trashed and more fully visited than a house. In addition, being more difficult to carry out, an apartment burglary will be prepared with more care and will be all the more destructive.

 A video surveillance Security System monitors the common areas of the building

For example, an eyelet camera can be used to monitor the common areas of the building. The damage committed in the corridors is often without prosecution. Having proof of what’s going on outside your door can therefore be an advantage. In addition, a camera positioned in this way will allow you to monitor the comings and goings and, if necessary, to detect suspicious activity which could be intended for another apartment which is not equipped with any camera.

Why make your surveillance Security System as discreet as possible?

CCTV systems can be installed discreetly, wirelessly, with more or less hidden or visible cameras, for a purpose which then becomes a deterrent. Wireless video surveillance systems are more and more preferred, for aesthetic but also security reasons. Indeed, despite their deterrent effect, conventional systems are vulnerable and are therefore easily reached by burglars, they give a bunker appearance to your house which, in the eyes of burglars, therefore becomes more attractive.

Avoid vandalism

If your cameras are placed unprotected and visible to everyone, including outside your home, they become vulnerable. The weather can indeed be right about them if you do not protect them via special boxes. Vandalism is also a much more dangerous threat since it is often perpetrated by future burglars. If burglars have targeted your house, they will study its video surveillance system and, if they can, they will destroy the most accessible cameras. They will then have all the time necessary to rob your house without being watched. If your video surveillance system is hidden but announced by a small poster, it will fulfill a deterrent role without being able to be reached by burglars.

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Don’t turn your home into a bunker

Some owners do not hesitate to assert their desire to make their home impenetrable, by barricading themselves behind a camera wall. These cameras will strike a blow to the aesthetics of your home, and their installation may even be criticized by neighbors, considering that such a system gives the image of a dangerous neighborhood.

 Don’t attract burglars

The main advantage to hiding your surveillance system is surely this one. If your home is dotted with cameras monitoring each window, each entrance door, up to the small cabin where you store your tools, it will appear like a real castle in which you hide goods of great value. These clearly visible and vulnerable cameras will have the effect of attracting burglars, lured by the possibility that they have been placed to protect a well-filled trunk


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