How Much Do You Know About Cloud Technologies?

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Nowadays, society is on the path of transition to information society. Therefore, there is a question of formation of the information environment in educational institutions and institutions of the social sphere. The article considers the possibilities use of cloud technologies in the social sphere, outlined prospects for transition in the future to the cloud network and shows the main advantages and disadvantages of them implementation. An analysis of recent research on the transition of educational institutions and organizations for cloud service.

In modern conditions, almost all areas of human activity use information systems based on the use of the latest information technologies. Cloud computing technology is an innovation of the information industry that can be useful for creating information infrastructure. Cloud computing certification in Dubai provides Internet users with access to the server’s computer resources and the use of its software online. In the conditions of rapid development of modern information technologies and the Internet, organizations move away from the use of their own equipment and software towards service-oriented technologies. But in the field of education and social sphere, this technology is not yet sufficiently used, so it is advisable to consider the possibility of using information systems based on cloud technologies in the organization of various institutions: education, culture, health and social security. This determines the relevance of the selected topic.

Cloud computing is not just a storage system

Cloud computing is a fairly general term that combines several approaches and models for the provision and management of IT services, so in practice everyone understands this term differently. Some people consider cloud computing to host virtual machines or colocation servers only on the basis of network access to resources, others understand cloud computing as such user services as Dropbox, Google Drive. That is, most users define cloud computing on only one basis – network access, but cloud computing is a much more voluminous entity.

History of origin

And although the concept of cloud computing has appeared not so long ago, today it is the loudest trend in the IT market, but in fact under the loud name lies the old concept of time allocation, taking into account the modern development of technical means. Therefore, we can say that cloud computing is not a revolution, but only a new evolutionary turn in the spiral of development of the IT industry. Thanks to the principle of use with the distribution of time, you can achieve greater efficiency in the use of resources.

The advantages of networking course in UK are efficiency and speed as well as the possibility of flexible scaling and growth. Cloud opens a new approach to computing, in which a service-oriented approach is introduced between the business and the IT department of the company, thanks to which IT becomes more able to meet the requirements of today’s fast-paced business realities. Cloud computing is a modern multifunctional solution, but they remain only a tool in the hands of IT professionals. Cloud technologies allow you to more quickly and accurately carve out IT infrastructure for business requirements.

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