Here’s an Ultimate Guide about Schooling in Norway


Have you been in search of an ultimate guide about schooling in Norway, because of its quintessential study abroad? If you are to mention ten different countries in the European countries for studying, there should be nothing to keep Norway out of the list. Norway offers something different from what other countries won’t give to you. As a student schooling in Norway, you are opportune to experience the touch of nature in another form. The country has been termed as the world’s happiest nation.

The country is located in the Northern part of Europe, and it is one of the world’s most serene countries for students to study any course. They are one of the major exporters when it has to do with the exportation of Salmons. In terms of sports and games, they are huge football fanatics. No matter the cantons you intend schooling; you are going to find people from every sphere of life. You can try as well to learn Norwegian even when you can speak English, and this will integrate you with the Norwegians.

Reasons for Schooling in Norway

The following are reasons to study in Norway:

  • Tuition-free universities
  • Beautiful landscape
  • Good social system

1.    Tuition-Free Universities:

This country is an expensive place to live in terms of food, groceries, tickets, trains, gas, and others. All the private universities in Norway are free of charge. Although there is some course you may like to study and you are charged for it. Generally, they do not charge tuition fees, and all the private universities require you to pay.

2.    Beautiful Landscape:

Norway has many things that make it adorable such as weather, polar bears, serene environment, arctic foxes, dense forests, snow-capped mountains, etc. The country has four different seasons – spring, autumn, winter, and summer. There is no way you are schooling in Norway and you take a picture on the snow-capped mountain or dense forests that the picture won’t be adorable.

3.    Good Social System:

Their social system has been commended as one of the best we have in the world. Norwegian social system has been able to provide different welfare services for its citizens such as parental leave, education, unemployment support, public healthcare, and lots more.

Things to Keep in Place before Studying in Norway

The ultimate guide about schooling in Norway involves preparation for you to have a clear path to your education. The following is a list of the essential things to keep:

  • Before March 1st of every year, there is a registration going on in the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Services (NUCAS).
  • European Union citizens can study or even gain scholarships in Norway without any visa, the only thing you will need is a residential permit.
  • For Non-citizens of the European Union, you will be asked to get a visa and also a residential permit to be granted access in schooling in Norway.
  • Get your accommodation ready, but it is advised to reside in the hall of residence of the institution where you won’t have to pay any fee.
  • Have a financial plan that you are going to use throughout your course of study in Norway.
  • Arrange your travel tickets by buying an air ticket.

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What to Expect of Norway?

These are other things to know about student life in Norway, and here they are:

  • International students need to get an 11-digit Norwegian identity number with (date of birth, & 5 security codes) from a local tax. The purpose of this card is to obtain a bank account, student card, and other related transactions in Norway.
  • You need to pay both student and miscellaneous fees while schooling in Norway.
  • International students can also ask for assistance from the welfare department of their various institutions.


Now you have the ultimate guide about schooling in Norway, it is important to take the bold step in pursuing your educational dream by doing the needful. You can also place Norway among the top destinations in Europe. You can still make other research to add to what you have seen here. Anyways, wishing you the best of luck!

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