Get Audi A4 On Rent In Dubai To Enjoy Unlimited Luxury Driving Features

The sleek design of Audi A4 2020 speaks of its dignity and tradition. Audi A4 2020 has notable standard features that have captured the attention of Audi lovers all across the world. The advance front-wheel drive premium version is added to improve the driving experiences by providing excessive support. The revamped features include a number of high-tech features, driver assistance features, and most significant changes in the trim style.

The passengers should rent Audi A4 in Dubai to enjoy a thrilling, boosting, and rip-roaring driving experience. The sedan body style looks ravishing, smart, and powerful. In this article, the exceptional features of Audi A4 2020 are explained to provide a comprehensive overview of the car. Let’s check them out one by one.

Engine and performance:

The 2.0L turbocharged robust engine hugs the roads by providing 248 horsepower. The Quattro all-wheel driving feature offers additional assistance to the driver while driving on twisted roads. The front-wheel drive makes easy to move the car in the required direction. This sturdy engine provides a torque of 273 lb-ft. The engine revs the heart by generating an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 5.6 seconds. It is always a wise decision to rent Audi A4 in Dubai to enjoy a luxurious and refined engine performance.


The signature style HD-Matrix design LED headlights with animations have over-emphasized the exterior of the car. These headlights enlighten your path to improve the visibility of the driver.

Ambient internal LED lights:

The ambient LED lights have dramatically enhanced the beauty of the interior of Audi A4 by featuring 30 charismatic colors.

Comfortable leather seats:

The leather seats offer exceptional comfort to the passengers while going for a long drive. Always get an economy sports car on rent to save your cost and time.

Power sunroof:

Audi A4 has a power sunroof offer to enjoy an open-air drive. Additionally, manual shades provide a high degree of protection from UV light.

10.1 inches touch screen:

The redesigned center stack has a 10.1 inches wide-angle touch screen that offers excellent access to the front panel.  The new operating system is said to have ten times faster. The graphics display has also sharpened and improved. The driver is can retrieve messages and search for his contacts by using the front panel. It allows navigation and you can play your favorite songs as well.

Sound system:

The 19 speakers with 755 watt Bang and Olufsen sound system give off crystal clear sound by adding 3D ultra-sonic dimensions. The economy sports car on rent offers smooth and aesthetic driving preferences to adjust according to the situation.

Driver assistance features:

Audi A4 is surrounded by multiple driver assistance features to improve the driving experience. The acoustical sensors detect any object in your vicinity. It protects you from colliding with any object. Through the standard rearview camera and MMI display system, the drivers can park cars in parking slots safely. Audi pre-sense offers preventive measures by gathering information from nearby vehicles. The adaptive cruise control system, active lane-assistance, and side assistance feature additionally help the driver.

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