Top 5 free sites like Putlocker

Sites Like Putlocker

Streaming TV shows and movies online for free, requires sites like Putlocker with lesser popups and no signup. Catch the top 5 sites and enjoy online streaming for free

Putlocker was the best streaming site that offered free TV shows and movies online. Online streaming is a cool way to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other video content without going anywhere. Putlocker had made movies and TV shows in the access of millions of online viewers. But, new laws and regulations made it shut down forever.

This year online streaming has reached the highest numbers of viewers than to any previous year. The reason is quite obvious – the shutdowns caused by the pandemic. Putlocker fans are looking for free streaming sites like it. Many clones are available but most of them require signup or registration. Moreover, popup ads are a major disturbance.

For those who are reminiscing days of free and safe streaming, we have tested dozens of sites and come up with top 5 free and secure sites like Putlocker. These streaming sites require no registration or lengthy signups. To watch your favorite TV shows and movies, you can surf these sites.


  • Popcornflix


Online searches are loaded with free streaming sites but most of them offer low-quality videos. Among dozens of free streaming sites, Popcornflix offers tons of movies and TV shows for free. The sites have a wide range of free content with HD quality. These sites need no signups and prove one of the best Putlocker alternatives. The only drawback is that you may find it difficult to stream popular content.


  • Pluto TV


Just like the previous option, Pluto TV is another free streaming site that is available in the US, Canada, and some European countries. You can stream the latest content in HD for free. This site has more than 70 content providers that offer free and safe content. With 20 million monthly viewers and a large catalog, this site is rank among the best free ads-supported streaming sites.


  • Snagflims


Are you a fan of movies and documentaries? Snagfilms has a large library well-managed catalog. It offers most of the critically acclaimed and award-winning movies and documentaries. It is a free streaming site with no registration required. You can watch movies for free because Snagfilms generates it revenue from ads. Currently, it provides 5000 movies for stream and has the potential to be the best Putlocker alternative.


  • Tubi TV


With 20 million monthly users and 15000 movies and TV shows in its catalog, Tubi TV is there to enhance your free streaming experience. This site is one of the very few sites that have licensed content from Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate, and Universal Pictures. Like all the previous options, this site is ad-supported as it provides free content.


  • Crackle


Owned by Sony, this site has a large library of popular and the latest movies and TV shows. All the content on this site is free and company generates its revenue from ads. The large catalog is full of Original as well as provided content. It is a good place to enjoy movies and TV shows.

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