Do you believe in horoscopes? What do we think we are?

Do you believe in horoscopes?

We each look at science differently in the name of astrology. Its interpretation is governed by the position of the stars at the moment of our birth and it is up to us to predict.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Do you trust horoscopes, or do you disregard the prognoses read from the stars? They can be followed, they can be completely ignored. But did you know that Taurus men are fit for family life, and people born in water signs are prone to addictions?

What do you think when heard about Astrology?

When you say astrology, you probably think of horoscopes from printed periodicals, vastu expert in Ludhiana and the Internet. In each horoscope you will find an explanation of what is happening in your life. For example, the “reversal” of Mercury has become an explanation for all that is wrong. Then you read: Don’t start a new job. Do not travel. Don’t buy anything. But what is the reality? 

Mercury’s reversal is just an illusion. The planet’s rotation slows down and therefore seems to be receding. In fact, it is still moving forward, albeit more slowly. This optical illusion is a great metaphor for what astrology does in our brains: It gives an order to the universe that seems utterly chaotic. But that does not mean that astrology is telling the truth.

Of course, the truth is completely different. When some people have problems in life, an astrologer can attribute it to Mercury. But others are having a happy time at the same time. Planets – non-planets, things in life just keep changing.

Do you believe in Horoscope?

Fortunately, most people don’t take horoscopes seriously. But many people turn to them at a time when they are in trouble. It’s all the more dangerous. Astrology can also have real economic, emotional and social consequences.

The astrological mix of romance, intuition, and magic, nostalgia for the past and human archetypes ignores any rational knowledge of reality. At best, astrology is a rich engine for learning about the psyche. Unfortunately, at the worst, it makes money from every failure of our perception, which has a natural tendency to interpret the world magically, not rationally. Another failure lies in the unconscious projection of oneself into famous astrologer in Ludhiana archetypes. In short, astrology provides little comfort in our burning world.

What should you expect from the astrology?

In addition, people have a huge tendency to idealize astrology. We choose from it what suits us right now. Gradually, we create a story from these things ourselves. Assumptions that are not fulfilled are forgotten or excused, as another story determined by the movements of the planets. The astrologer may choose the best date for your wedding, but if the marriage ends in divorce, it is undoubtedly part of some “bigger plan” that the stars have prepared for you.

Astrology does everything so that we do not have to solve our problems in real life. Instead of dealing directly with our own fear and insecurity, we turn to the universe to give us the answer. And of course there are a lot of people who “know” the universe and for a certain amount (the bigger the problem, the higher the amounts) they will advise us “well”. The result is completely different in real life.

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