Different Types Of Jewelry

Since our childhood, we all have been wearing some or the other type of jewellery. Some might be wearing different types of earring, some might be wearing different types of rings, etc. Wearing jewellery is part of Indian culture. No Indian outfit either of male or female is complete without jewellery. Jewellery is something that highlights your entire outfit, its spark is sufficient to complete the look. The type of jewellery worn changes from place to place and with the culture they follow. For example, it is seen in many weddings that the bride likes to wear mathapatti as hair jewellery and on the other hand, some girls like to wear jhoomarpassa. So all these things depend upon culture as well as the preference of the people.

There are different jewelry for different parts of the body. Let’s have a look at them.

  • For neck: There is so much variety of jewellery that is available for the neck. The most royal jewelry can be rani haar that is long necklace often worn with a choker. A choker is something that is worn tightly with the neck, nowadays it is very much in trend. After that, the most commonly worn is the pendant set that comes in all forms like gold, silver, or artificial. Another common type of necklace is the mala that is a long strand of pearls or beads of different sizes.
  • For ears: Mostly people wear something or the other in their ears. From studs to heavy jhumkas everything is liked by people a lot. Nowadays it is seen that chandelier earrings are very much in trend that is often worn with sahara chains. These chains give support to the heavy earrings and are directly hooked into hair or at the back of the ear.
  • For head or hair: On the wedding days, brides like to wear different types of hair jewellery like tikka that is like a pendant with a short-chain. Some wear mathapatti that is a long chain decorated with stones that are worn along the hairline. The hair jhumar passa is the Pakistani traditional ornament which is very much in trend these days.
  • For hands: You will find different variety in hand jewellery as well, starting from hath panjas that is a bracelet attached with a chain along with 2-4 rings. After that comes rings that come in endless designs and can be worn on any occasion. Even some people like to wear bajuband that are worn on the upper arm. The most commonly worn Indian hand jewellery is bangles that are also called as kangans or churis. Kangans are broad bangles that come with a screw to fit in hand whereas churis are thin bangles.
  • For Nose: Many people like to wear jewellery even in the nose. The most commonly worn jewellery is a nose pin or nose ring. If you want something different on any occasion then you can go with a nath that is a big traditional nose ring. The size of nath can vary according to the style.

So these are some of the most commonly worn jewellery on the different parts of the body.

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