How is a Destination Wedding Different from a Wedding at Home?

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A wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable events for the bride and groom as well as their families. In an attempt to make it superlatively unforgettable, most couples decide to hold their nuptial ceremonies at a location away from their hometowns rather than conducting wedding events at their residential places.

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A quick look into the Indian wedding industry –

  • 45,000 crore – estimated market size of the destination wedding industry in India by 2020.
  • Above 10 million –number of weddings occurring every year in India.
  • $50 Billion – the market size of the Indian wedding industry which is second to the USA, globally.
  • Approximately 25% – yearly growth rate of the Indian wedding industry.

In recent times, destination weddings have garnered particular recognition and popularity amongst Indians, especially with the millennial population. With its popularization through channels of social media where globetrotters and celebrities post pictures of different exquisite locations with an ethereal appeal, destination weddings have become a mainstay of the Indian wedding industry. These ceremonies are further made convenient by efficient destination wedding planners.

These planners provide services encompassing venue booking to decoration which relieves the bride and groom from the hassle of handling the event on their own.

Differences between destination weddings and marriages at home

In essence, a destination wedding is when the bride and groom traverse from their hometowns with their kin and kith to conduct their marriage ceremonies. Conversely, traditional marriage in India is where nuptial ceremonies take place in the hometown of the bride and groom.

There are several other factors which distinguish the two, which are discussed below –

Space within the venue

One of the major differences between a destination wedding and a traditional marriage is the venue. In most cases, traditional marriage is held at a more limited spatial venue compared to destination weddings. As these events are held predominantly at residential cities, the spaces are considerably limited.

Alternatively, venues at popular wedding destination locations are comparatively more spatial. For instance, if you hold your wedding at one of the palaces in Udaipur, it would provide you with a much larger space to accommodate all the events conveniently. There are several unbeatable destination wedding cost & venues under Rs. 20 lakh which will allow you to make the most out of your wedding budget.

Accommodation and lodging of guests

Another inconvenience which crops up in hometown marriage ceremonies is accommodating guests. When you have a considerable influx of guests during your wedding, it becomes a necessity to place them at varying locations. As individuals need to stay at a distance from each other, it mitigates the merriment.

In comparison, when you opt for a destination wedding, you can nestle yours and your fiancé’s guests in a single place where you are holding the event. It allows all of your guests to share the merriment of wedding events with you and your fiancé. To further mitigate your responsibilities regarding lodging, you can employ a destination wedding planner.

Regardless, these locations can cost considerably higher than venues at residential locales. You can henceforth consider a destination wedding loan against property, which will allow you to meet the finances more conveniently.

Certain financial institutions such as Bajaj Housing Finance Limited provide pre-approved offers on loans which reduce the time and hassle involved in loan processing. These offers apply to a host of financial products which include loan against property, personal loan, business loan, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

Aesthetics of the location

Destination weddings are primarily considered by couples due to the opportunity of holding their nuptials in a picturesque location. On the other hand, a residential city in India does not offer much in terms of aesthetics. Additionally, wedding venues in the residential locale are somewhat similar to each other in terms of appeal and architecture. In contrast, wedding venues in popular wedding destinations resemble different cultures, histories, and geographical attributes.

For instance, Leela in Kovalam, Kerala offers a surreal and elevated view of the Arabian Sea from a cliff-top. Rajasthan, on the other hand, is home to multiple dynasties spanning across several generations. Consequently, it hosts several palaces in the state, especially in the cities of Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaipur.


Indian weddings include multiple ceremonies ranging from the Sangeet to the Reception. In the case of a wedding at home, these ceremonies are often conducted in different locations.

On the other hand, when you hold a destination wedding, all the nuptial ceremonies take place in a single location which makes it more convenient for your guests. You can hire a professional destination wedding planner to arrange the events without hassle.

You need to consider your affordability along with the convenience of your guests when deciding between a destination wedding and a wedding at home. In case you have financial constraints, you can use a loan against property, which comes with a substantial value and an extensive repayment tenor to reduce your financial burden.

There are several tricks and tips to save money when planning a wedding, which include pre-planning factors such as venue, bridal makeup packages, caterers, and decorators.

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