Check Iqama Expiry Date And Validity 2020

Iqama, the resident id of Saudi Arabia, expires after a year of its issuance date. After that, it needs renewal. As per the new system, Jawazat doesn’t print the iqama expiry date on the card. Now, Absher, which is moi ( ministry of interior KSA) portal, offers the online service to check the iqama expiry date, aka iqama validity.

You will need iqama number and an Absher account to query it. Let’s start the procedure and find the iqama status for expiry.

Check Iqama Validity, Expiry Date By Iqama Number

Here is the first method on how to check the expiry date of iqama in Saudi Arabia in 2020.

Step1. Go to the Absher website link and tap on “Individuals.”

Step 2. If you are not familiar with Arabic, then Select “English” located on the top left corner. Enter the username or Iqama number, password, and image code.

Step 3. You will receive a four-digit verification code on your mobile, enter it

Step 4. Upon successful verification,  Scroll Down. You will find the option,  Query Iqama Expiry Service. Tap/click on it.

Final Step. Enter the iqama number and image code then click/ tap on View.

In this way, you can go for iqama expiry checking. If the date is in green, it means that your iqama/Resident ID is valid, active, and not expired.

The red color of the iqama expiry date means that Saudi iqama is expired and needs renewal as soon as possible. Also, moi Jawazat charges fines and penalties on the late renewal of iqama. Therefore, to avoid penalties, it is better to renew iqama before it expires.

If your iqama is expiring between 18th March 2020 and 30th June 2020, the jawazat is renewing it for 3 months without any fees. The said facility implies every ex-pats working in private sectors, commercial/industrial. And, to all those currently living inside Saudi Arab or on the vacation outside the kingdom.

Furthermore, Moi ( ministry of interior ) has also announced a relaxation in collecting the iqama fees for a period of 2 months. The renewal of iqama is taking place without paying any fees for the time being.

You can find more details int the article about Iqama Fees paid or not paid

The infographic will help you to understand the procedure.


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