Best ways to celebrate Bhai dooj in the year 2020

So, people should try to send Bhai dooj gifts online for maintaining social distance.

The year 2020 would be remembered forever due to the coronavirus epidemic and significant incidents. In former cases, governments of different countries announced complete lockdowns initially to stop the spread of the disease. After some time, some sectors were granted permission to start their operations. However, some areas are still closed like schools, colleges, institutions, etc. and employees of firms that are closed have become jobless, or their incomes have decreased. 

Best ways to celebrate Bhai dooj in the year 2020

This also led the general public to do most of the work over the internet, like selling and purchasing goods online. They have also celebrated festivals like Holi and Raksha Bandhan over video calls or by taking proper precautions as prevention is better than cure. Buying and selling gifts online, ordering food online, and paying bills online have increased manifold in 2020. 

People must follow the government’s guidelines so that they can protect themselves from covid19, which is the actual name of this disease. In the time of lockdown, they can celebrate the festival of Bhai dooj in the below-mentioned ways by which they 

For better immunity healthy eatables on the festival

Sweets are commonly consumed during Bhai dooj owing to the customs of offering delicacies of sugary food to brothers by sisters for their welcome. Moreover, sweets snacks are gifted to each other by siblings. With passing time, they have started giving preference to healthy sweets, snacks, or food. People also buy food from famous brands’ reasons for being news of contamination of sweets and food in recent years. In this time of the spread of diseases like corona, sisters can offer fruits and dry fruits, which are sources of vitamins and minerals, which can make their brothers strong enough to fight any infection. This can also serve the purpose due to which sisters perform the rituals of Bhai dooj that is the protection of their brothers from any problem.  

Hygiene should be taken care 

One must wash their hands and cover their mouths while meeting anyone from outside to halt the spread of covid19, which can reduce the risk of other viruses. The same should be followed while doing the traditions of Bhai dooj, and they can also sanitize the things before using them if they want to take better precautions. Video calling can also be a better option for performing rituals if they’re going to maintain the social distance, and then dishes, desserts, and presents can be ordered online.  

Perform all traditions for good fortune

Hindu people should perform all the relevant customs of Bhai dooj if they have strong faith in these and their religion as this can secure them in this epidemic. There have been many incidents in the past when the power of prayers saved people’s lives. This is because this can give them satisfaction and positivity. By doing this, they can remain connected to their roots, and the young generation can stay updated about its culture.

Enjoy the celebrations with contentment

Being happy is equally important, along with eating healthy. Siblings must enjoy Bhai dooj with cheerfulness after forgetting the worries of the world. A joyful person can remain fit and healthy. 

Help the individuals who have become jobless and who do not have any ancestors’ wealth

Many wage earners are not getting work because of lockdown. They should be provided with the basic needs in the forms of gifts. On the occasion of Bhai dooj, individuals who are single children of their parents can celebrate this festival with poor people. Many like to do charity work on special events as they can bless them on their important days.

Send Bhai dooj gifts online

It is comparatively easy to order diwali gifts online because it has numerous advantages. Firstly it saves the time and cost of visiting the place of shopping. There can be chaos in shopping markets; therefore it could be difficult to select the product; however, this does not happen in the case of online shopping as the product can be chosen at the comfort of homes or it could be ordered from any place.

Online shopping can also reduce the traffic on roads and crowds in shopping malls during festive seasons as it is usually seen during this time. Less traffic causes less pollution as it has been observed in the period of lockdown. So, people should try to send Bhai dooj gifts online for maintaining social distance.

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