Benefits of HIPAA Compliance and Certification

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Over the years the act has evolved but still the basic essence continues to be the same of providing safeguard to patients. HIPAA also has an objective to reform the healthcare industry by reducing their costs, simplifying the administrative processes and burdens, and improving privacy and security of Public Health Information (PHI). The compliance to the act requires achieving HIPAA Compliance Certification.

   Benefits of HIPAA Compliance for product are as follows:

  1. Privacy of health data- HIPAA compliance paves right way to handle patient information. It assures that each member of healthcare organization understands and implements the practices that are necessary to protect privacy and security of patients’ information and thus there are no chances of data breach.
  2. Protecting PHI- to maintain the safeguard of patients the healthcare workers leave no stone unturned. In the same way HIPAA teaches the covered entities that keeping the patient information safe is just a protecting their bodies from any disease. It increases the awareness of healthcare provider regarding safeguard of patient’s information and keep their records safe and sound.
  3. Improves patient satisfaction- just as the correct treatment satisfies the patient and helps them recover fast, HIPAA compliance ensures them that the data will be handled carefully and there will be no breach of data. HIPAA promotes careful handling of PHI to improve patient satisfaction and increase HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and System) score. HIPAA compliance works positively in improving the goodwill and brand value of the health care provider and the business associates.
  4. Reduces executive and organization liability- if the covered entity is HIPAA compliant and has the required certification to prove so then in case of data breach there will be no risk of any fine being imposed on them. The HIPAA compliance certification protects the organization and staff from personal liability.
  5. Grants upper hand from the competitors- being HIPAA compliant grants the health care provider an added edge of being reliable and efficient from the competitors. HIPAA compliance is seen as more secure as it protects the PHI. Thus the healthcare providers who have HIPAA certification, implementing officer, and does HIPAA audit is considered to be a better provider of service as compared to a non-compliant health care provider. 
  6. Better and enhanced services- HIPAA compliance reduces the medical errors, increase patient satisfaction and trust in the minds of the patients. It helps the organization to avoid expensive add-on security measures and thus reduce the cost and provide better care and services at affordable prices. HIPAA compliance overall creates operational efficiencies. 

Online HIPAA employee training assures that the employees are trained for the compliance process and the organization is compliant to the rules. Without training the employees it will be not possible for any organization to get the benefits arising from HIPAA compliance.

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