A Guide To Finding The Best Desert Safari Tour Deal During Your Visit To Abu Dhabi

Best Desert Safari Tour Deal

A visit to Abu Dhabi is incomplete without visiting the desert safari. If you are thrill-seekers, the desert safari is something not to be missed. Al Khatim Desert of Abu Dhabi is the best to enjoy off-roading and spend a night in a Bedouin camp. It is approximately 80 km away from Abu Dhabi city. However, there are many kinds of options to start the desert safari in Abu Dhabi like morning desert safari, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, and many others. The selection of a deal depends on time constraints, budget, and obviously preferences.

Which desert safari deal should I consider?

The desert safari Abu Dhabi helps you to understand the importance of deserts in the Arabian lifestyle, food, heritage, local life, and information about this region. It is a challenge for international tourists to find a reliable and affordable desert safari company in Abu Dhabi. You should be thankful for the internet that helps you to book a deal. You can contact them via the website, send an email, or make a call to get additional information. Soon after booking the visitors get a confirmation email in which all the details of your tour are mentioned.

Early morning desert safari tour:

If you love to get up early in the morning to see the sunrise, this deal will be the best one for you. The pristine red sand dunes are stretched in Al Khatim Desert that captures the eyes of the beholder. The glittering sunlight trespassing through dunes enhances the beauty of grains. The tiny pieces of mica infused with sand cause it to shine even from a longer distance. The glorious sunrise view in the desert is incomparable with any other sunrise moment. The enchanting colors spread over the horizon make it breathtakingly spectacular. The deepest purple color followed by mauves that are blended with marvelous shades of red and orange is not less than a feast for eyes. It is not ended here but you would love to enjoy dune bashing, sand skiing, quad biking, and camel ride as well.

Morning desert safari tour:

If you are an adventure-lover but running out of time, morning desert safari can be the best option for you. After enjoying thrilling desert sports including dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and ATV quad biking on lofty dunes you will feel relax and calm in the Bedouin camp. Lying back against the velvet cushions and enjoying hookah pipe feels awesome. The finger-licking dinner at desert safari Abu Dhabi is the most exalted feature which is worthy to enjoy.

Afternoon desert safari tour:

It is the most challenging and toughest desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi. The sun is at its apex and scorching heat feels penetrating in your body. In fact, it is the true element of a desert. The visitors who love to enjoy the desert with the true taste and adventure, afternoon desert safari is the best option. This hardcore adventure includes all the exciting desert safari activities that rush adrenaline in your veins. The lunch served to the visitors is delectable and savory.

Evening desert safari tour:

Among the desert safari Abu Dhabi deals, evening desert safari is the best one to select. Dune bashing on the elevated dunes in 4×4 cars is full of thrilling adventure. You will always remember your screams during high jumps. The sandboarding on beveled dunes feels gliding like a sailor. ATV quad biking is a fun-filled experience to explore the desert on a two or three-wheeler bike. The delicious BBQ dinner with spicy sausages is a feast for cuisine lovers. The cultural extravaganza of the Middle East includes dance performances. The synchronized Belly dance on Arabic flutes is liked by visitors. Tanura dance depicts the true culture of the Arab. Obviously, the girls will love to paint their hands and feet with beautiful henna tattoos. In fact, evening desert safari is a true blend of culture, entertainment, and desert sports.

Overnight desert safari tour:

It is one of the most demanding desert safari Abu Dhabi deals because the tourists love to spend a night in a Bedouin camp under sparkling stars. It is fun to explore the desert with a lamp. You can also encounter some wildlife creates like the Arabian leopard, Arabian tahr, red desert fox, Arabian spiny mouse, and many others during your stay at the camp. The flora and fauna of the desert look charismatic. Why not capture everything in your camera? When the sun rises, the tourists can also explore the unseen beauty of nature as well accompanied by a tasty breakfast.

No doubt, this desert safari tour will be a memorable event for you. You should be vigilant to book the right deal to double the joy.

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