5 best employee tracking apps that benefit small businesses

Employees are an asset to an organisation, and it is important that they are well taken care of. None should be overpaid or underpaid for their efforts within the organisation. This is why employee tracking systems or employee tracking apps have come into the picture. They represent an accurate picture of an employee’s contribution to the organisation. Here are a few software worth considering in case you are looking for an employee tracking app for your organisation.

Keka – Keka is an app that ensures payroll compliance is no longer sweat. It puts everything in simple English and simplified task flow. Pay your workforce accurately, including all the prorated calculations, while meeting all the statutory requirements. The Keka performance management software helps gather reviews from managers, peers, customers, and clients at regular intervals. The app also provides various badges and tags relevant to the employee’s performance. These are awarded to ensure a culture of growth within the company. On the other hand, through their performance review software, an employee’s contribution can be checked whenever and not only as an annual or a bi-annual feature. The goal management feature in the software ensures that whatever task assigned is being fulfilled by the employee and presents a fundamental approach to judging employee performance.

PPMS – PPMS has a field-employee tracking app called FRAMe. It is an end-to-end field reporting app. The app was made with the objective to enable brands with a deep insight into field activations and executions. The aim behind the functioning and development of the app was to optimize marketing budgets and ensure excellent representation at brand stores. The software in the capacity of an app enables employees to report to managers by sharing data and images on the app for quick approvals. The app is also GPS enable and can be used to monitor the daily activities of every employee. FRAMe is dynamic in its use and can be used for any front-line workforce.

Qandle – Quandle app is probably the most employee-friendly app in this category. The app is loved by employees as it is intuitive, fun, engaging, and easy-to-use. It comes with remarkable features like push notifications to remind employees to log-in or perform any action. It also eliminates the need for a biometric as it can log employees in automatically when they enter office premises. On the other hand, it is also completely customizable as per a company’s need, so it serves all functions of a growing or a large organization. The app also offers managing business and travel expenditures for all stakeholders. Instead of filing lengthy reimbursement requests, employees can simply click a picture of the bill and upload it on the app for reimbursement requests.

HR Mantra – HR Mantra is one of the more versatile companies offering a complete package of a wide range of services pertaining to company-employee management. With HR Mantra’s performance management system, employees or high-level management can view performance charts, and can assign goals as per an employee’s work description. The scorecard for goal setting also comes with four parameters that are helpful in accurately measuring an employee’s performance. The attendance feature of the software is remarkable in its own right. Different public holidays can be assigned to different departments, the attendance month can be made different from calendar month, and shifts can be made flexible.

Emp Monitor – With the help of EmpMonitor, you can manage all your employees through a single screen dashboard. This app promises to monitor not just time but the usage of employees, which is the right way to measure performance. This software enables you to monitor many remote users and systems. All the monitoring can happen through one centralized network on the software. The software promises many benefits like reduced time and effort requirements and, most importantly, excellent customer support. Since the software is automatic, it promises to reduce manual work and make compliance easy. Similarly, there will be ease in terms of monitoring employee performance as the software provides management with graphical charts for employee performance.

Zoho People – This app comes with the tagline – “one organisation, one database.” Through this app, the organisation can record, store, and manage employee data through multiple departments, and designations. One of the best features of this software is all the analytics tools that it offers. The user can decode an organization’s hiring and retaining patterns for employees, have a hold over attrition trends, and stay on top of task management as well. Keeping track of employee time and attendance is easier and hassle-free. Breaks can be managed, and attendance can be submitted through mobile logging and web check-ins. Keeping tabs on employee leaves is also easy, so is approving leaves and accessing leave history.

With many field-reporting and employee tracking apps in the market, an organisation needs to choose software that satisfies all their needs. Large and growing organisations usually have a diverse need as they keep adding more employees to departments. Similarly, small firms can function even with the most basic features provided by these software. The right one, in the end, is whichever meets the need and ease the management’s job.

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