4 social media marketing tricks you need to know

80% of Internet users around the world has at least one social media accounts. In total, social media marketing users exceeded 3.4 billion people in 2019.

Business owners and marketing experts know that these platforms are critical to the success of their business. Because of their desire to improve, brand managers are continually looking for ways to connect with their audience.

 Social media marketing isn’t something static.

Instead, social media is something that changes with the interests of consumers, the availability of products and, of course, the marketing budget.

As we feel comfortable in 2020, it’s time to start thinking about how to improve your marketing strategy for the New Year.

If you are looking to improve your sales, the engagement rate or subscribers, through your social media accounts, stay tuned.

We will take a look at four marketing tactics you need to know.

4 social media marketing tricks

  • Work with micro-influencers
  • Build a community
  • Add a customer service option
  • Encourage involvement with time-limited events

Work with micro-influencers

We now know all the social media influencers. In essence, these are people with hundreds of thousands of followers who produce content, both sponsored and for fun, who help business owners spread the word about their products and services.

As 2019 has ended, we have heard some business owners say that micro-influencers will become an integral part of their social media marketing strategy in 2020.

Because? In a nutshell, most significant influencers are unable to reach a small, personalized audience like a micro-influencer can.

Micro-influencers work with specific topics and therefore have a smaller audience. The great thing about working with micro-influencers is that if you can find someone who covers your niche, there is a good chance that the values ​​of their target audience will align with yours.

Additionally, micro-influencers tend to have stronger connections with their followers, which means that when they suggest your product, there is already trust due to the source. This tactic is also a way of building social evidence for your business.

Build a community

On average, consumers spend two hours and twenty-two minutes on social media every single day. When they spend time browsing sites like Facebook , Twitter and Instagram , it is vital that these people can talk to other people with their interests about their interests.

There is something to be said about discussions in the form of comments on your posts; for example, engagement in your posts can significantly increase your brand’s visibility on that platform. However, there aren’t many people who want to spend the day on a corporate social media page to talk to others.

Facebook groups are an excellent place to build a community on the platform. After creating your company profile, you can create a group focused on your niche as a whole. People like to be part of crowded groups and discuss ideas, suggestions and experiences. If your team works actively in the group and guides consumers towards a successful path, you will see an increase in your engagement on social media and subscribers throughout the year.

Add a customer service option

Customer service is vital for several reasons.

  • First, it ensures a smooth customer experience where a new consumer can quickly and accurately learn how to navigate your product or service.
  • Second, customer service data is a vital tool used to create detailed customer personalities. We recommend that you observe customer weaknesses and goals as you collect data from your support team.

It is safe to say that if you miss a great opportunity in the customer service department, in 2020 it could cost your business.

We suggest that you implement customer service on your company profile for consumers who direct messages or tag questions. Research shows that 68% of consumers expect a company to respond to their message on social media in less than two hours.

Many analysts believe that this trend is due to accessibility. Before smartphones, if a company did not respond to your request, you had to prepare for a long drive. Now, 79% of social media users access their profiles with their smartphone.

Business owners and marketers must welcome consumers into this age of instant information. If your company is unwilling to answer their question, it will find a competitor who helps solve customer support problems on their social media account.

Encourage involvement with time-limited events

Engagement is the last piece of the puzzle when you are looking to increase the reach of your social media. You can have stellar content, award-winning customer support and the best influencer promoting your product, but if your involvement is low, none of this matters.

To take advantage of social media marketing, you need to work to create fun events for your followers. The more followers interact with your profile, the more likely they will check it back in the future for new updates.

There are many ways to improve engagement through your social media channel. First, we recommend that you publish your blog content with inspiring questions for readers . The goal is to inspire a discussion and attract people interested in what you have written.

Online giveaways are becoming increasingly popular as new social media brands look for ways to grow their audience. Basically, marketers will offer a free product or gift card to consumers in exchange for sharing your posts and labeling them.

You will see an advantage in exposure from sharing, but the appearance of tag friends is essential for acquiring new customers through referrals.

When announcing the winner, make it an event. Don’t forget to send everyone who shared a coupon for their participation. This small gesture could trigger engagement through the comments section and the sales page.

Social Media Marketing Rhode Island is here to stay. The marketing aspect of these platforms is destined to change as new companies take the spotlight and the algorithms are transformed into something almost unrecognizable. But the main mission of bringing people together will remain intact.

As your business grows, you will need to adapt your social media marketing strategy consistently if you want to see success. You can use the tips we mentioned here to increase your sales, increase your exposure, improve brand confidence and learn more about your target audience. 4 social media marketing tricks you absolutely must use.




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