10 Best Places to Visit in Nigeria


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with over 700 ethnic groups practicing different
cultures and traditions, the nation is brimming with diversity and has been known to be home to
some of the most popular historical and tourist attractions. A trip to Nigeria will leave you with
beautiful and lasting life long memories – there is a lot to enjoy, from the culture to the sights, to the
languages, and the food. Nigeria is rich in culture, religion, and history.

If you are planning on embarking on a trip to Nigeria and would love to explore the diversity that
Nigeria lovingly offers everyone, here is a list of some fun and interesting gems to explore.
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10 Best Places to Visit in Nigeria

1. Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar

This mountain resort, located in the northeastern part of Cross River and close to the Cameroun
border is a wonderful place to enjoy quiet family time and nature. Obudu Mountain Resort, one of the
most popular tourist attractions in Nigeria, features a water park, a golf course, horseback riding, and
even night-time bonfires. The resort also offers mountain hiking and bird watching, with a cable car
available to take you from the base to the plateau to enjoy beautiful views of the environs. You can
also explore the terrain and forests around, all the while enjoying local and international African

2. Yankari Games Reserve

This is a popular wildlife park, located in the south-central part of Bauchi State. There are lots of
wonders of nature to experience here, from the warm water springs to observing wildlife in their
natural habitat, this is one of the most popular tourist and holiday locations for both Nigerians and
international tourists. If you are looking for the West African savannah experience, this is your

3. Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ekiti State

This natural wonder is another popular tourist attraction located in the southwestern state of Ekiti in
Nigeria. Sprouting warm and cold water side by side, both sources merge at a confluence to
maintain and create a distinctive attraction. It is a wonder everyone should experience.

4. Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

Olumo Rock is a mountain in Abeokuta, Ogun State, a southwestern state in Nigeria. It is revered
by the natives because it holds historical importance to the people of Abeokuta, for being a source
of refuge during times of tribal wars. This historic rock formation plays host to thousands of tourist
every year and has become a popular family vacation experience to learn more about Nigerian
Yoruba culture.

5. The Benin City National Museum, Benin City

The Benin City National Museum, a very important historical museum in Nigeria, exhibiting artifacts
related to the famous Benin Empire – from ancient arts to terracotta and bronze figures as well as
cast iron pieces. Benin arts have been known to be one of the most respected in the world and were
plundered during the British Invasion.

One of the stolen Benin arts, which is a symbol of the Benin kingdom, “The Benin Ivory Mask” of
Queen Idia can be seen displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is referenced in the movie
Black Panther. Another Benin Art, “Okukor” is currently held at the Jesus College Cambridge,
several Benin artworks can be found in museums all around the world. Tourists from all over the
world visit the Benin City National Museum to see first-hand, experience and appreciate the famous
Benin arts on display in this museum.

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6. The National War Museum, Umuahia

The National war museum Umuahia showcases a tumultuous time in Nigeria’s history and the
the painful conflict known to some as the Biafra war and others as the Nigerian civil war, depending
on whose side you are taking. With 3 galleries showcasing instruments of warfare like ships, tanks, and aircraft from both sides. It is a historically important tourist attraction for war enthusiasts and
people seeking to learn more about the 1967 War in Nigeria.

7. Nike Art Gallery

This privately owned spectacular world-class gallery is home to countless Nigerian and African
artworks. Displaying the artistic talent of African artists who have had limited opportunities to be
viewed by the world, there are several displays of the African way of life, perception, and perspective,
culture, and much more.

With over 8000 works from diverse talents, artworks on display include painting, sculptures, stone
works and carvings, beadworks, traditional loom weaving, embroidery, indigo dyeing, etc. There is
an ample amount of Africa to experience here.

8. Lekki Conservation Center

This reserve area, protecting the wetlands of the Lekki Peninsula comprising of swamps and
savannah habitats is an eco-friendly tourist attraction. With raised walkways to make wildlife
observation easy, a library, and a conservation center, there are also hiking trails and waterways. It
offers nature exploration, observation, and enjoyment

9. Erin Ijesha Waterfall

Erin Ijesha waterfalls is a well-known tourist attraction in Osun State. Believed to have healing and
energizing powers, people come from all over the world come to drink from the water of the falls.
Having seven steps, Olumirin waterfalls, as it is fondly called by the locals, is a natural waterfall with
a breathing view you can enjoy depending on which step you happen to be on. An experience at the
falls is an unforgettable memory.

10. The Badagry Coconut Beach

Located in the town of Badagry, just west of Lagos, this breathtaking and appropriately named
coconut beach is a tropical getaway spot for a serene and beautiful time. Lined by coconut trees, the
ambiance is always cool, tropical, and calm, making for a perfect holiday spot. With different
restaurants, food, and entertainment, enjoyment is always available.

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There are several tourist sights and attractions in Nigeria to enjoy, from cultural, historical, and even
religious. In addition to the above named, there are some other popular or untapped tourist
attractions and hidden gems waiting to be enjoyed as well, you might like them even more. They
include Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State, the Sacred Grove in Osun State, The Iyake hanging Lake in
Oyo State, The Idanre Hills in Ondo State, Ngwo Pine Forest in Enugu, Queen Amina’s Wall in
Zaria, Kainji Dam, and the Benin Walls, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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